Enlargement of the European Union

Background Information/Notes de synthèse


Background Notes by the EP Press Service

Background Notes (in English) and Notes de synthèse (in French) are an occasional publication by the European Parliament Press Service giving detailed information on a topic of special interest. Several issues have focused on enlargement and are listed here. For the full list and archive, see the Press Service Background Information page. See the Press Service home page for daily press releases from the EP committees or plenary, which regularly relate to enlargement issues.

st12x1820/11/2002Enlargement - EP Position on the state of negotiations
st12x1819/11/2002Special Enlargement Debate with MPs from candidate countries - 19.11.2002
st12x1817/11/2002Special Enlargement Debate: Composition of the delegations from the candidate countries
st12x1813/11/2002Composition of the European Parliament


st12x1820/11/2002Elargissement : position du PE sur l'état des négociations
st12x1819/11/2002Débat extraordinaire avec les parlementaires des pays candidats - 19.11.2002
st12x1817/11/2002Débat extraordinaire sur l'avenir de l'Europe : Composition des délégations des pays candidats
st12x1813/11/2002Composition du Parlement européen