“Delivering groceries, gardening or simply listening. I do everything I can to help”

Caillum Spends time helping seniors and healthcare workers Ireland, Ballybricken

Caillum is a Scout from Ballybricken, Ireland. He’s never been a stranger to voluntary work and to him, Covid-19 was just another opportunity to help. Only this time, he would focus on older people and frontline healthcare workers. “I created a poster, shared it on social media and placed it in high traffic areas,” he explains. The poster informed locals about the help Caillum could offer, including grocery delivery, gardening or even simple conversations while still maintaining social distance. Before Covid-19 struck, Caillum volunteered at the National Programme Services team for Scouting Ireland. There, he ensured that young scouts get an educational and enjoyable scouting experience. He regularly challenges them to a 17-day sustainable lifestyle experience in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

“Cooperation between researchers is very important in these times of crisis”

Luke Works with his team of researchers to develop a new drug based on a molecule that acts against Covid-19 induced lung inflammation Ireland, Dublin

Many people have not yet heard about Itaconite, but this molecule with anti-inflammatory properties has recently been identified for its potential to relieve Covid-19 patients from respiratory problems, which could ultimately save lives. Professor Luke O’Neill and his team of scientists at Trinity College Dublin have been running tests on this very substance. They hope the molecule will help suppress lung inflammation provoked by the Covid-19 virus. Luke's work is financed under the EU’s "INITIATE" project. The EU’s Horizon 2020 research programme is funding 18 research projects and 151 teams across Europe to help find a vaccine quickly against Covid-19. The aim is to improve diagnostics, preparedness, clinical management and treatment.

“We had people vote on what item they felt was most important to have with them in quarantine”

Femi Documents culture and lifestyle in Ireland during the pandemic Ireland, Dublin

One of the things we learned from COVID-19 is how people’s perception of what’s essential tends to vary. We all witnessed the compulsion to buy too much toilet paper, but how about younger generations' definitions of indispensable items? In an effort to find this out, the Irish company Slight Motif shared a list of 32 essential quarantine items on social media. They organised a tournament and had people vote on their must-have item from a list comprising tissues, snacks, hand sanitizer, and gym equipment, among others.“After five rounds, the Spotify app was voted the most essential item to have during quarantine by our young audience,” says Femi Falana. The initiative, called "Quarantine Bunker Pack", is part of Slight Motif’s efforts to document urban culture and lifestyle in Ireland.

“ We're good at coming together when times get tough”

Patrick Keeps his distillery open to produce essential items Ireland, Drumshanbo

Based in Leitrim, during normal times Patrick's business produces gin and whiskey. As needs have changed, so has his production. Today, his team provides hand sanitizer for pharmacies, medics, shops, and charities across the west of Ireland. All over Europe, people are adapting their professions to support their healthcare colleagues in the fight against the pandemic.