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Latest news from the European Parliament Office in Ireland

John Hume.
Yesterday, after a long illness, John Hume, former MEP and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, passed away in a Derry nursing home at the age of 83. John Hume was a legendary figure in Irish politics and one of the architects of the Good Friday Agreement.
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The Minister of State for European Affairs, Thomas Byrne, TD, has today invited voluntary organisations, educational bodies and civil society groups to apply for funding under the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Communicating Europe Initiative.
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On Wednesday, 22 July, David McAllister MEP and Chair of the European Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee joined a webinar organised jointly with the Institute of International and European Affairs (IIEA) focusing on Brexit and the challenges ahead.
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As we are heading into the summer, we are finalising our webinar series for the first half of the year. Did you miss a webinar you wanted to attend? You can watch the recording of the webinars, which are made available on our YouTube channel. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter as well to stay informed on our upcoming online events starting in the autumn.
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Together with the IIEA, the European Parliament Office in Ireland is delighted to invite you to our webinar on 'The State of Play in the EU-UK Negotiations-The European Parliament Perspective' with key speaker David McAllister, MEP, Chair of the European Parliament's Committee on Foreign Affairs.  The webinar will be held on Wednesday, 22 July from 3:00pm-4:00 pm.  Prior registration essential.
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In partnership with, we will host a discussion on Friday 3 July on the topic 'How COVID-19 brought disinformation to Ireland'.   The discussion, which will be followed by a Q+A, will start at 1pm and last approximately 90 minutes. On our panel will be Billy Kelleher MEP, Christine Bohan, FactCheck project and Nicola Aitken from FullFact. Prior registration essential.
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What Europe does for me is a website launched by the European Parliament in the run-up to the European elections 2019.   This multi-lingual interactive website gives lots of examples of the positive impact that the EU makes to citizens' everyday lives.  Find out what Europe has done in your town, city or region or get more detailed background papers on EU policy.



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