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European Elections:100 days to go

Only 100 days to go before, we cast our ballot sheets, electing the new European Parliament. Much is at stake in these elections and it is more important than ever that we seize the opportunity to make our voices heard in what will be a generation defining election.

Pending legislation from Dáil Éireann, the election will more than likely take place on Friday, May 24. Much has changed since the last time Europe went to the polls in 2014 with the UK set to leave the EU on March 29. As a result Ireland has gained an additional two MEPs which have been distributed to the constituencies of Dublin and Ireland South which has expanded to also include County Laois and County Offaly.

This Time I'm Voting

Last year, the European Parliament launched a campaign called 'This Time I'm Voting' which encourages and facilitates active citizenship. The goal is to increase voter turn-out as well as create discourse about issues people themselves identify as important. Over 150k across Europe have signed up and pledged their vote with Ireland punching above it's weight with 2,000 people signing up to the campaign. Volunteers from every county in the country are now actively promoting issues they care about and are promoting the elections via social media, leaflet drops and many other activities taking place in all four corners of Ireland. With only 100 days to go to the Elections we are hoping to attract many more as the campaign enters the final phase.

Vote for your Future

For many the European Union feels far away and disconnected to everyday life. Our central message in the lead up to the elections has been that Europe matters and has impacted our lives in many ways we do not even realise. We therefore launched an app, entitled 'What Europe does for me?', detailing projects initiated and supported by the European Union on a county by county basis. These benefits should not be taken for granted as Europe is not a given- it is work in progress. We are appealing to voters to vote for their future because not only do citizens need the European Union, the European Union needs the input and guidance of it's citizens.

This Time I'm Voting
What Europe does for me
New Constituencies