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Investor and state disputes in TTIP: MEPs to debate new settlement proposals with Commissioner Malmström


Fresh suggestions on how to best resolve disputes arising between foreign investors and states on the implementation of the Transatlantic Trade and investment partnership deal, currently being negotiated between the EU and the United states, will be debated by Trade MEPs and the EU Trade Commissioner Malmström on Wednesday afternoon starting from 16.30.

Opinion is divided on the issue with some MEPs calling for the current rules, whereby international investment disputes are decided by arbitrators in international arbitration tribunals (known as ISDS), to be updated and improved. Other MEPs have expressed opposition to the inclusion of an international arbitration mechanism in TTIP preferring to leave cases to be decided under the different domestic legal systems of both parties.

The EU Trade commissioner is seeking to address the concerns in proposals for improved dispute settlement arrangements, including the creation of a permanent international investment tribunal. These have been published in the form of concept paper this week.

You can watch the debate on EP Live or EbS and follow our Twitter coverage on @EP_Trade and our Storify (#TTIP #ISDS).