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Margrete AUKEN

Група на Зелените/Европейски свободен алианс


Дания - Socialistisk Folkeparti (Дания)

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Breaking the silence - / Middle East & North Africa
- ASP 09G177
Yehuda Shaul
The L&F-NNF agenda is about promoting the framework conditions and earnings for the agriculture, food industry and employees in the Danish food industry: • Maintaining common high standards for food products and food hygiene both internally in food trade between EU countries but also in the conclusion of trade agreements with third countries • Promoting free trade at a fair level with high standards for food in both quality and hygiene, compliance with ILO core conventions • Climate, in a sustainable way towards farmers, the food industry and employment • Politically triggered trade conflicts between the EU and…. affecting primary producers, the food industry and employees - measures against, inter alia, the revision of the Regulation on the European Globalization Fund and other common EU instruments (Brexit, USA First, etc.) • Rejection of a common European minimum wage In this context, we naturally intend to touch on the forthcoming Green Deal, the land-to-table strategy, agricultural policy and the EU's overall budgetary framework.
- ASP 09G330
af L&F CEO Anna Arhnung og NNF formand Ole Wehlast
- MEP restaurant
Irske senator Frances Black, Gina Dowding
The participants in the study tour have a common vision in Religion and Society, which we call "The Good Nation". See enclosed, and see on the page The vision is not a political program, but a description of what we believe is a good nation. We continuously work to understand and clarify the individual points. It is clear that the vision also has political implications, and as such a benchmark in relation to assessing and addressing political matters of importance to Denmark.
- l'Ogenblik, Galerie des Princes 1.
Nik Bredholt,  Religion & Society (RESAM)
We will continue to tell you about our work on chemistry in the light of the green transition, introduce you to some of our members and have a dialogue about future priorities and initiatives.
- Cefic, Rue Belliard 40 and Maison du Luxembourg
Danish industry DI,  Assistant Director,  Karin Klitgaard
turism and green transiton with danish company Horesta
- European Parliament office
member - ENVI
Head of turism and experience economy
The European Commission health priorities: ensuring equitable and sustainable patient access
- MEP Salon, European Parliament, Strasbourg
member - ENVI
Giuliana Pennisi and many more. Margrete was not present her self but Anton Olsen her advisor and her intern Ida Lund-Larsen was there representaing her
Invitation | EU Health Coalition New Year's Reception
- European Parliament, Members' Salon 3-4 (ASP)
member - ENVI
Anton Olsen was at this meeting not Margrete: open and transparent dialogue with policymakers and society on the need for an EU-wide harmonised legislation to regulate the medical cannabis value chain for the safety and the benefit of patients. Decision-makers have an essential role to play in dismantling public misperception and establishing a clear definition of medical cannabis, as well as allocating research funds to the field.
- ASP 09242
Quentin Galland,  Secretariat of Cannabis Europe.
Meeting witj Anton Olsen assistant to Margrete: Joint non paper by Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Sweden and the Netherlands on increasing the transparency and accountability of the European Union.
- ASP 09G242
PERNILLE CHRISTIANSEN secratray of danish embassy
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