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Česko - ANO 2011 (Česko)

Písemná vysvětlení hlasování Dita CHARANZOVÁ

Poslanci mohou podat písemné vysvětlení svého hlasování v plénu. Článek 194 jednacího řádu

Námitka podle článku 112 jednacího řádu: částečné udělení povolení použití oxidu chromového (Cromomed S.A. a další) (B9-0151/2019) EN


Even though I respect the result of the vote, I voted against this resolution because I have trust in the conclusion made by our European scientific bodies, which recommended granting a partial authorisation for this substance. I support making scientific decisions based on non-political scientific and evidence-based advice.

Dopady úpadku skupiny Thomas Cook (RC-B9-0118/2019, B9-0118/2019, B9-0119/2019, B9-0120/2019, B9-0121/2019, B9-0122/2019, B9-0124/2019) EN


I supported this resolution because I believe that we have to protect European citizens in cases where travel agencies go bankrupt. The case of the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook and its subsidiaries shows that the guarantee funds and rules established by the Package Travel Directive are very important in situations where European citizens are either stuck in another country or their holiday is cancelled. I am happy that we were able to provide help to most of the citizens affected by the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook, but we must always learn from events like this and work to do even better if there is a next time in the future, so that no citizens fall into a gap in the law.

Námitka podle článku 112 jednacího řádu: posouzení dopadu přípravků na ochranu rostlin na včely medonosné (B9-0149/2019) EN


I voted in favour of this objection because I believe that the protection of honeybees is crucial for the development of agriculture and the production of honey, which is often at risk due to the fertilisation of plants or other issues. Honeybees are also vital for our ecosystem, and I am keen we took actions to prevent extinction. I support making scientific decisions based on non-political scientific and evidence-based advice, but here I found enough evidence to merit a review of this decision.