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Alfred SANT Alfred SANT
Alfred SANT

skupina Progresivní aliance socialistů a demokratů v Evropském parlamentu


Malta - Partit Laburista (Malta)

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Nový VFR, vlastní zdroje, plán obnovy EN

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. – I voted in favour of this Resolution because I believe that the next Multiannual Financial Framework could provide the needed platform for the the EU to face up to the corona virus pandemic while launching a recovery programme. The MFF is already “mutualised” under agreed norms. Using it as an instrument for the recovery guarantees that national budgets do not get caught in the obligations of others. That spending targets must be increased over the levels about which squabbling prevailed in the last years should be common sense. How much that raise should be must be settled. Simply, it has to be robust enough to protect the most vulnerable sectors of the European economy and serve as the launchpad for recovery. It must cover all the vital interests that define the single market, while maintaining the longstanding priorities of the Union, like EU-wide socioeconomic convergence and environmental reform. In this context, having the European Commission to steer and manage the recovery programme would also ensure that no new supranational mechanisms are set up. I have one disagreement with the resolution: I do not support most of the new own resources for the Union which it identifies.

70. výročí Schumanovy deklarace (rozprava) EN

14-05-2020 P9_CRE-PROV(2020)05-14(2-093-0001)
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Udělení absolutoria za rok 2018: Evropský orgán pro bankovnictví (A9-0060/2020 - Ryszard Czarnecki) EN

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I have voted in favour of this discharge for the budget of the EBA, assessing its performances and activities, for the following reasons.
I welcome the idea of a single banking rulebook to which the EBA is contributing - while expressing a reservation.
The EBA has intensified its contacts with Member States and should continue doing so with national and commercial banks. Such communication is key for collaboration with the perspective of creating a single banking rulebook. It would allow for closing regulatory loopholes and for smoother operations across the EU.This being said, national flexibility should simultaneously be safeguarded as economic cycles are not uniform across the EU.
The EBA has been promoting a common supervisory regime across the EU financial system. Supervising the financial sector is not only key for financial stability but also has been shown as an effective tool for combating tax fraud and money laundering. Pushing banks to be more transparent about their situation will benefit everyone, from supervisors to deposit-holders and investors. Finally, I welcome the EBA’s stance regarding its support to local economies. In the current crisis, the EBA pushed for capital reliefs to serve businesses and households, reminding banks that measures should not serve to provide leeway for increases in the distribution of dividends.

Alfred SANT
Alfred SANT

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Few comment about the US has taking in more immigrants from Malta than the EU. Good to know about the US, it can be a great country, like Trump likes to say. If taking migrants from Malta is a gauge of solidarity in our regard (which it is), where does it leave us with the EU?

Funny to have to say it, but #consultation time is not wasted time, best intentions sometimes get undermined by lack of it. One would have thought the government’s commission on disabilities would have been a choice for consultation on Covid19 measures. Not so apparently. Why?

What the #EuropeanCommission will propose by way of an economic recovery plan has been known or guessed for a while. Will it #work or #not ? –who knows? The real question is – how soon will the plan be running?