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skupina Progresivní aliance socialistů a demokratů v Evropském parlamentu


Malta - Partit Laburista (Malta)

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Evropská koordinovaná reakce na koronavirovou nákazu COVID-19 (rozprava) EN

26-03-2020 P9_CRE-PROV(2020)03-26(1-103-0000)
Příspěvky při rozpravách v plénu

Společná pravidla pro přidělování letištních časů na letištích Společenství EN

Písemná vysvětlení hlasování

I have voted in favour of this urgent proposal aimed at dropping the ‘use it or lose it’ rule for airlines’ landing slots in congested airports for a given period this year.
The amendment by which this period, as proposed by the European Commission, was extended in line with the Council’s decision was timely.
Airlines are facing the unprecedented challenges brought by the spread of the corona virus.
The current grounding of most aircraft implies huge losses.
Flying empty in order to respect European rules and not lose slots makes no sense.
Among the worst hit airlines are those that service periphery countries, some of them legacy airlines, whose operations are also aimed at improving the connectivity options for businesses, investors and ordinary citizens.
Such airlines have already been under stress in the past decade, in part because of legacy issues, in part because they suffer from diseconomies of scale.
Their clout in negotiating good slots in major European airports has always been weak.
Yet they still fulfil an important role in supporting the economies (based on tourism and other services) of small and peripheral countries.
The decisions approved in this waiver will protect their position in connecting with European airports.

Specifická opatření pro aktivaci investic do systémů zdravotní péče členských států a do jiných odvětví jejich ekonomik v reakci na šíření onemocnění COVID-19 (investiční iniciativa pro reakci na koronavirus) EN

Písemná vysvětlení hlasování

I voted in favour of the Corona Response Investment Initiative because I believe that it is imperative to deploy meaningfully all available cash reserves held by the Union in this very delicate moment.
The proposal must be implemented with total urgency. With Europe in quasi-lockdown, economic activity is grinding to a halt. Many people are making huge sacrifices to keep going. Therefore, measures must be supported that aim to increase flexibility when EU funds are disbursed to assist economic sectors directly hit by the pandemic we are experiencing.
Further, it is also important to boost investment in health care and in other sectors that are relevant to the containment of the corona virus pandemic. On another tack, I am very satisfied that this Commission proposal also takes into account the damage that fishermen might suffer in the context of a public health crisis.
Clearly, much more needs to be done at an EU level. We are all waiting for encouraging signs from the Union and its Member States that they really are putting all available resources together to sustain the continent’s economy and the health of its people.

Alfred SANT
Alfred SANT

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MEPs from @TheProgressives @Europarl_EN will be emphasizing priorities the EU needs to act upon, we might be downplaying the scale of the issue. Forecasters are concerned in view of a recession. Will this mean prioritising objectives? As attaining them all will prove impossible.

Is @MaltaGov for/or against joint €-Zone finance to combat the Covid19 virus? Should we join 🇩🇪/🇳🇱 brigade saying no? Or should we bite the €-Zone bullet, once we’re members & say pool risks? I can only say that once we’re there, we cannot but run with the southern states!

Do you frighten people by telling them the truth, or do you encourage them to keep cool while telling the truth? And if the calls for fright and/or cool are abused or disbelieved? What should be done to get all citizens to really take care for themselves and their families?





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