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Clare DALY Clare DALY
Clare DALY

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Irsko - Independents for change (Irsko)

Datum narození : , Dublin

Písemná vysvětlení hlasování Clare DALY

Poslanci mohou podat písemné vysvětlení svého hlasování v plénu. Článek 194 jednacího řádu

Dohoda mezi EU a Čínou o některých aspektech leteckých služeb (A9-0041/2019 - Tomasz Piotr Poręba) EN


The purpose of this technical dossier was only to ensure compliance of existing agreements with Union law relating to air services between China and the EU Member States. However, this type of agreement also contributes to the liberalisation of air transport, which includes increasing connections and emissions. In the context of the climate emergency and the lack of ambitious actions by the Member States and industry to reduce emissions (via all the instruments at their disposal – taxation, alternative fuel mandates), it is inconceivable to encourage the growth of such a sector.