Skriftlige stemmeforklaringer - 9. valgperiode Julie WARD

Medlemmerne kan afgive en skriftlig forklaring af, hvordan de har stemt på plenarmødet. Forretningsordenens artikel 194

Situationen i Venezuela efter det ulovlige valg af nationalforsamlingens nye formand og præsidium (parlamentarisk kup) (B9-0051/2020, B9-0052/2020, B9-0053/2020, RC-B9-0048/2020, B9-0048/2020, B9-0049/2020, B9-0050/2020) EN


I voted against this report because I do not recognise Guaidó as President, and because the EPP have consistently used the complex crisis in Venezuela for political ends rather than addressing the real democratic and humanitarian issues.
It is time for a fair, free and fresh set of elections to restore faith in the political and democratic institutions in Venezuela. The UN must be at the heart of this through electoral observations in the region.
The EU also must work with allies and the Venezuelan authorities to ensure that there is a peaceful process while this is implemented. The everyday Venezuelan must be a priority to ensure that there is basic food and healthcare provisions for all.

Den Europæiske Ombudsmands virksomhed – årsberetning 2018 (A9-0032/2019 - Peter Jahr) EN


I voted for this report because, under the steady hand of Emily O’Reilly, the office of the Ombudsman has shown itself to be tough, fair and highly effective, working closely with the Parliament’s Petitions Committee, as well as with civil society.

Gennemførelse og overvågning af bestemmelserne om borgernes rettigheder i udtrædelsesaftalen (B9-0031/2020) EN


I voted in favour of this resolution because citizens rights must be protected in the Brexit process, and the EU has a duty to ensure non-discrimination. The UK government’s continuing ‘hostile environment’ gives great cause for concern and Boris Johnson’s poor record as an honest broker leaves much to be desired. Voting in favour of this resolution demonstrates my ongoing support for EU27 citizens and British citizens in the EU. However, it does not mean I will vote to ratify the Withdrawal Agreement when it comes to the European Parliament’s plenary session.

Menneskerettigheder og demokrati i verden og Den Europæiske Unions politik på området - årsberetning 2018 (A9-0051/2019 - Isabel Wiseler-Lima) EN


This report reiterates and supports the European Parliament’s resolution passed on 3 May 2018 with regard to the protection of migrant children. Sadly, the House of Commons recently rejected proposals to maintain protections for child refugees in the redrafted EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill. It is a betrayal of Britain’s long-standing commitment to humanitarian support, especially to the most vulnerable. I would like to pay tribute to Labour Lord Alf Dubs, himself a Jewish refugee, who led the campaign on this issue, and I hope the Government will follow the leadership of the House of Lords on this matter.
If this is what Global Britain looks like post-Brexit, it sends out all the wrong messages as to who we are and who we want to be as a nation. Whether in or out of the EU, we must not abandon our commitment to human rights and internationalism, and as a child rights campaigner, I ask all those in positions of power to remember Alan Kurdi and all the other child refugees who died whilst we turned our backs.

Europa-Parlamentets holdning til konferencen om Europas fremtid (B9-0036/2020, B9-0037/2020, B9-0038/2020) EN


I fully support the Conference on the Future of Europe as one of the priorities of the new President of the Commission.
The European Union and all of its institutions will need to foster greater collaboration and cooperation between Member States and demonstrate leadership in its relationships with global partners in order to address these challenges over the next 4-5 years, especially on issues regarding the root causes of extremism, the scourge of tax avoidance and climate change.
As we are seeing with the tense situation in Iran and the bushfires in Australia, isolationism cannot fix these problems. If we fail to deal with and address these global issues they will eventually land on our doorstep.
Only by working together inside the Union can prosperity at home and peace abroad be achieved. In this respect, a greater focus must be given to the power of arts and creative practitioners to build bridges where fear and division exist. The Cultural Diplomacy Strategy launched in the 2014-19 legislature must be reinvigorated and placed front and centre of the Commission’s work programme.
I also hope that the UK post-Brexit continues to be a close ally and a good neighbour in respect of both security and trade to the EU.

Situationen i Bolivia (RC-B9-0187/2019, B9-0187/2019, B9-0188/2019, B9-0189/2019, B9-0190/2019, B9-0191/2019, B9-0192/2019) EN


I abstained on this vote because insufficient credit has been given to Bolivia’s progress under President Morales – the indigenous and poor of Bolivia have seen their rights and their standard of living increase enormously and this should have been reflected in the text. Inequality is the greatest scourge in our world today, but taking from the rich and giving to the poor always threatens the elite: the big businesses, the large corporations and in this case American interests.

FN's konference om klimaændringer 2019 (COP25) (B9-0174/2019) EN


I voted in favour of the European Parliament’s support of the 2019 UN Climate Change Conference (COP25) because the climate emergency is the single most important issue today, with particular effects on Small Island Developing States and with far-reaching implications for future generations.

EU's tiltrædelse af Istanbulkonventionen og andre foranstaltninger til bekæmpelse af kønsbaseret vold (B9-0224/2019, B9-0225/2019, B9-0226/2019) EN


I voted in favour of this resolution. Violence against women and girls is one of the most widespread, persistent and devastating human rights violations in our world today but remains largely unreported due to the impunity, silence, stigma and shame surrounding it.
Violence against women is not random or anonymous. If we consider the fact that most violence is carried out by men, it is just a small step to understanding that violence against women is structural violence.
Ratifying the Istanbul Conventional would send out a signal and enshrine in law that the EU will seriously tackle violence against women.

De igangværende forhandlinger om en ny partnerskabsaftale mellem EU og Gruppen af AVS-stater (B9-0175/2019) EN


I voted in favour of the renewal of the Partnership Agreement between the EU and ACP, known as the Cotonou Agreement, which was signed in 2000 and will expire in February 2020 because we must revitalise and reinforce the EU’s relations with the ACP countries. We must emphasise the importance of the parliamentary dimension of the future agreement in order to ensure democratic accountability at all levels and to promote the legitimacy and visibility of the partnership. We must also scale up the involvement of civil society and ensure any new agreement is rooted in the 2030 Agenda with a peer review mechanism for SDG implementation. The EU and the ACP are collectively a strong global voice and we can tackle shared challenges, and the new Partnership Agreement must reflect this.

Valg af Kommissionen EN


Despite huge disappointment at the way in which the European Council manipulated the choice of Commission President, I voted in favour of the von der Leyen College of Commissioners because of the priorities given to women’s rights, the new Green Deal and the commitment to the European project and values, and to the economic and social progress of citizens. I was particularly pleased that our Socialist and Democrat candidate, Frans Timmermans, has promised to listen to the demands of young climate change activists.

Børns rettigheder i anledning af 30-året for FN's konvention om barnets rettigheder (B9-0178/2019, B9-0179/2019, B9-0180/2019) EN


On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, I voted in favour of the European Parliament’s position to uphold and promote children’s rights.

Konsekvenserne af Thomas Cook-gruppens konkurs (RC-B9-0118/2019, B9-0118/2019, B9-0119/2019, B9-0120/2019, B9-0121/2019, B9-0122/2019, B9-0124/2019) EN


I am proud that the European Parliament paid attention to the effects of the collapse of the iconic British holiday company Thomas Cook. It left 150 000 UK holidaymakers stranded – many of them children and the elderly, working—class families who had worked and saved hard for a well-earned break. The collapse could cost up to 9000 British jobs, yet Thomas Cook say that the Conservative Government’s business secretary, Andrea Leadsom, did not even speak to their executives leading up to its collapse.
Fortunately, the 600 000 holidaymakers who were affected were protected by the EU Package Travel Directive. It is important that we recognise that as the Tories try to take us out of the EU while watering down workers’ rights and customer protection: this safety net will not be there under a Boris Johnson-led Government post Brexit.

Den tyrkiske militæroperation i det nordøstlige Syrien og konsekvenserne heraf (RC-B9-0123/2019, B9-0123/2019, B9-0125/2019, B9-0126/2019, B9-0127/2019, B9-0128/2019, B9-0129/2019, B9-0133/2019) EN


I voted in favour of this resolution, although I would like to have seen more recognition for the successful democratic and feminist revolution in Rojava, which is now under attack from the Turkish military.

Eftersøgning og redning i Middelhavet (B9-0130/2019, B9-0131/2019, B9-0132/2019, B9-0154/2019) EN


I voted in favour of this resolution which was lost by just a few votes. It is hugely disappointing that the centre-right and the far-right groups in the European Parliament blocked an opportunity to end the shocking and appalling death toll in the Mediterranean.
Once again we find ourselves discussing the lives of thousands of men, women and children who every day attempt the perilous journey across the Mediterranean, fleeing conflict and unsustainable lives - they must be protected. Far too many innocent people are losing their lives in the Mediterranean. Member State obfuscation and insufficient action at EU level is failing the people who need our help the most. We have a moral obligation as policy-makers, legislators and as fellow human beings to reach out to fellow human beings in danger and in distress

Indledning af tiltrædelsesforhandlinger med Nordmakedonien og Albanien (B9-0155/2019, RC-B9-0156/2019, B9-0156/2019, B9-0157/2019, B9-0158/2019, B9-0159/2019, B9-0160/2019, B9-0161/2019) EN


As a friend of the Western Balkans, I voted in favour of this resolution, as I have no doubt that Albania and North Macedonia will eventually join the EU. The recent act of sabotage in the Council (by France, Denmark and the Netherlands) to block accession talks is regrettable. I am convinced that the future of the Western Balkans lies in Europe and the future of Europe lies in unity with the Western Balkans.

Forslag til Den Europæiske Unions almindelige budget for 2020 - alle sektioner EN


I am supportive of the general budget including three key priorities for 2020: ensuring sufficient funding to address migration and the protection of the EU’s external borders against trafficking and organised crime, strengthening civil protection, and tackling climate change.
These three key priorities are essential but they can only be achieved through collaboration.
As the UK Government tries to take us out of the European Union, I have never understood how we can hope to tackle the great injustices of our time on our own.
Now is not the time for isolationism. Standing alone in the world will only make us worse off. Outside of the EU we will be weaker economically, with less influence.
This must also be the greenest and energy efficient budget.
Environmental inaction will have grave consequences for all of our citizens.
Finally, I would like to see additional funding for the creative sectors and education. I am happy to see Erasmus+ getting further funding – it is one of the great achievements of the European Union.

Decharge 2017: Det Europæiske Asylstøttekontor (EASO) (A9-0011/2019 - Petri Sarvamaa) EN


I voted in favour of this report because we do need to have a better common European asylum system by facilitating, coordinating and strengthening practical cooperation among Member States on the many aspects of asylum.

Fiskeritilladelser til EU-fiskerfartøjer i Det Forenede Kongeriges farvande og fiskeri, der udøves af Det Forenede Kongeriges fiskerfartøjer i EU-farvande (A9-0014/2019 - Chris Davies) EN


. ‒ I voted in favour of this report that serves as part of the EU’s contingency planning to mitigate the worst effects of a damaging no-deal Brexit. This is a fast-tracked reciprocal measure. If the UK were to leave without a deal but allowed fishing access rights in UK waters to European fishers, this report allows British fishers to fish in European waters too. It would greatly simplify the paperwork for European and British fishers to fish in each other’s waters and to swap quotas.

Samarbejdsaftale mellem Eurojust og Serbien (A9-0009/2019 - Juan Fernando López Aguilar) EN


I voted in favour of the agreement.
Across the EU and with our closest neighbours we must promote cooperation in the fight against serious crime, in particular organised crime and terrorism.
This also goes hand in hand with the EU strategy for the Western Balkans.

Tilpasninger af de beløb, der anvendes via fleksibilitetsinstrumentet for 2019 for at klare de aktuelle udfordringer vedrørende migration, tilstrømningen af flygtninge og sikkerhedstrusler (A9-0013/2019 - John Howarth) EN


I voted in favour of this resolution, as advised by my colleagues on the Budget Committee.