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Miriam DALLI Miriam DALLI
Miriam DALLI

Gruppen for Det Progressive Forbund af Socialdemokrater i Europa-Parlamentet


Malta - Partit Laburista (Malta)

Fødselsdato : , St. Julian's

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Udvalget om Miljø, Folkesundhed og Fødevaresikkerhed
Delegationen til Det Parlamentariske Udvalg Cariforum-EU
Delegationen for Forbindelserne med Den Koreanske Halvø


Udvalget om Industri, Forskning og Energi
Udvalget om Borgernes Rettigheder og Retlige og Indre Anliggender
Delegationen for Forbindelserne med Mashreqlandene
Delegationen til Den Parlamentariske Forsamling for Middelhavsunionen

Seneste aktiviteter

En koordineret europæisk indsats over for covid-19-udbruddet (forhandling) EN

26-03-2020 P9_CRE-PROV(2020)03-26(1-077-0000)
Bidrag til plenardebatter

Fælles regler for tildeling af ankomst- og afgangstidspunkter i Fællesskabets lufthavne EN

Skriftlige stemmeforklaringer

I voted in favour of this Regulation which allows airlines to adapt their capacity in view of the reduced demand caused by the coronavirus epidemic. At present, under the current Slot Regulation, air carriers lose their slots if they do not continue to operate their services at least 80% of the time. In the current situation with the COVID-19 crisis it makes sense that these rules are temporarily suspended. It does not make sense for airlines to fly empty and lose their slots. It does not make financially sense for the airlines that currently are under a lot of financial pressure and it does not make sense for the environment. I voted also in favour of extending this suspension as proposed by the European Parliament’s Transport Committee.

Særlige foranstaltninger til mobilisering af investeringer i medlemsstaternes sundhedssystemer og andre dele af deres økonomier som reaktion på covid-19-udbruddet [investeringsinitiativ som reaktion på coronavirusset] EN

Skriftlige stemmeforklaringer

This Regulation aims to redirect unallocated EUR 37 billion of cohesion policy funding to hospitals and SMEs. The ongoing situation needs to be addressed to help affected regions, states, and citizens as fast as possible. I voted in favour of releasing this amount so that Member States can have more flexibility in implementing programmes that are required urgently at this point in time to make our countries more resilient to the impacts of COVID-19.

Miriam DALLI
Miriam DALLI


@TheProgressives Bureau meetings with a difference🗣 Jack is getting the hang of #Telework & enjoys joining in. We are making it work 👦👩‍💻 This morning together w/ my colleagues, we discussed the way forward in the current #COVID19 crisis & how we are going to act afterwards. 

RT @EU_Social: On #WorldHealthDay, we honour all healthcare workers that are fighting against #coronavirus 🧑‍⚕️👩‍⚕️ 👏 1.9 million doctors 👏 4.5 million nurses & midwives 👏 4.1 million healthcare assistants across the EU & many others worldwide 🇹 🇭 🇦 🇳 🇰 🇾 🇴 🇺 ❤️ #StrongerTogether 

🐣 Spending Easter away from our families & friends will not be easy, but we can still find ways to celebrate it w/ the ltd options we have. Below are some tips ⬇️ Share with us any decorations or sweets you prepare! Let’s bring hope in this time of crisis 🙏🏼 #MindYourHealth 





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