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Gemeinsame Regeln für die Zuweisung von Zeitnischen auf Flughäfen in der Gemeinschaft EN


I am pleased to support this measure regarding the allocations of airport slots. The outbreak of COVID-19 has had a significant impact on air carriers in recent weeks and has caused a substantial decline in air traffic not just in Europe but worldwide. For this reason, it is important to protect the grandfathering rights of air-carriers for airport slots that have not been used during the period when the aviation market has been most affected by the outbreak. The measures I have supported today will cover an eight-month period between March 2020 and 24 October 2020 for all flights and will provide much needed certainty to air carriers during these challenging months ahead.

Spezifische Maßnahmen zur Mobilisierung von Investitionen in die Gesundheitssysteme der Mitgliedstaaten und in andere Sektoren von deren Volkswirtschaften zur Bewältigung des COVID-19-Ausbruchs [Investitionsinitiative zur Bewältigung der Coronavirus-Krise] EN


The outbreak of COVID-19 has already had a major impact on the economies of EU Member States and has created significant liquidity problems and put pressure on health systems. I am pleased to support this important measure that has been proposed by the European Commission which aims to quickly mobilise available cash reserves in the European Structural and Investment Funds in order to help Member States fight the crisis and respond to the negative impacts on growth this ongoing crisis is causing. This measure will allow Member States to use the amounts not recovered under these Funds to accelerate investments related to the COVID-19 outbreak. This is a sensible and necessary part of the EU’s overall response to the pandemic.

Finanzielle Unterstützung von Mitgliedstaaten und ihren Beitritt zur Union verhandelnden Ländern, die von einer Notlage größeren Ausmaßes im Bereich der öffentlichen Gesundheit schwer betroffen sind EN


I am pleased to vote in favour of this important COVID-19 response measure which will extend the scope of the European Solidarity Fund in order to include major public health emergencies and to define specific operations eligible for financing, including medical assistance and measures to contain the further spread of an infectious disease. I also welcome measures to increase the level of advance payments permitted, and the simplification of the mobilisation process. Solidarity is one of the cornerstones of the European Union, and in challenging times like these, it is extremely welcome that this fund will be used to support those Member States and Accession Countries that find themselves most in need of EU support.

Lage in Venezuela nach der unrechtmäßigen Wahl des neuen Vorsitzes und des neuen Präsidiums der Nationalversammlung („parlamentarischer Staatsstreich“) (B9-0051/2020, B9-0052/2020, B9-0053/2020, RC-B9-0048/2020, B9-0048/2020, B9-0049/2020, B9-0050/2020) EN


I support this resolution. The National Assembly is the only legitimately elected democratic body of Venezuela. Therefore, their Assembly’s constitutional prerogatives must be respected. This is the only way a peaceful political solution can be reached.

Laufende Anhörungen gemäß Artikel 7 Absatz 1 EUV – Polen und Ungarn (B9-0032/2020) EN


The rule of law is our fail-safe for democracy. It guarantees our fundamental rights. It is essential for democracy that independent courts are in place to guarantee the protection of fundamental rights and civil liberties. The rule of law is non-negotiable in the European Union. I therefore support this report regarding the ongoing Article 7(1) procedures.

COP15 des Übereinkommens über die biologische Vielfalt (Kunming 2020) (B9-0035/2020) EN


. ‒ I was pleased to vote in favour of this important report. It is our duty to protect the planet with all its natural biological diversity. Biodiversity is essential to keep our ecosystems intact, and protecting the environment also means protecting biodiversity. The EU needs to be the driving force behind stopping the decline in biodiversity globally, and therefore must lead by example at next year’s UN conference in China.

Tätigkeit des Europäischen Bürgerbeauftragten im Jahr 2018 (A9-0032/2019 - Peter Jahr) EN


I am pleased to support this report. Dialogue between the Committee on Petitions and the office of the Ombudsman is extremely important, and I welcome the recognition of this in the text. I also echo the report’s proposal to work on closer relations with the national Ombudsmen. Finally, I strongly welcome the Ombudsman’s commitment to improving the transparency of EU lobbying.

Mitgliederzahl der Ausschüsse (B9-0039/2020) EN


. ‒ I am pleased to support this proposal to update the numerical strength of committees. While it is extremely regrettable that the UK’s exit from the Union is set to go ahead at the end of January 2020, it is important to administratively ensure the committee numbers are set for the incoming members. I support this proposal.

Protokoll zum Übereinkommen zwischen der EU, Island und Norwegen über die Kriterien und Regelungen zur Bestimmung des zuständigen Staates für die Prüfung eines in einem Mitgliedstaat oder in Island oder Norwegen gestellten Asylantrags betreffend den Zugang zu Eurodac für Gefahrenabwehr- und Strafverfolgungszwecke (A9-0053/2019 - Jadwiga Wiśniewska) EN


. ‒ I support this report which establishes the extension of the application of the ‘recast’ Eurodac Regulation to Iceland and Norway and therefore it enables the law enforcement authorities of Iceland and Norway and of all other participating States, whether other EU Member States or Associates Countries to request the comparison of fingerprint data with those stored in the Eurodac central database when they seek to establish the exact identity of or obtain further information for the purpose of prevention, detection or investigation of terrorist offences or of other serious criminal offences. This will facilitate better law enforcement and cooperation with these countries.

Abkommen EU-China über bestimmte Aspekte von Luftverkehrsdiensten (A9-0041/2019 - Tomasz Piotr Poręba) EN


I am pleased to support this text. The Agreement will amend or complement provisions in bilateral air services agreements only to the extent necessary to ensure compliance with Union law. Additionally, it will serve a fundamental objective of the external aviation policy of the Union by bringing existing bilateral air services agreements into line with Union law.