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Πολωνία - Prawo i Sprawiedliwość (Πολωνία)

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Επιτροπή Βιομηχανίας, Έρευνας και Ενέργειας
Αντιπροσωπεία στην Κοινοβουλευτική Συνέλευση Ίσης Εκπροσώπησης ΑΚΕ-ΕΕ


Επιτροπή Περιφερειακής Ανάπτυξης
Αντιπροσωπεία για τις σχέσεις με τις χώρες της Νοτιοανατολικής Ασίας και την Ένωση Χωρών της Νοτιοανατολικής Ασίας (ASEAN)

Τελευταίες δραστηριότητες

Μακροοοικονομική χρηματοδοτική συνδρομή στους εταίρους της διεύρυνσης και της γειτονίας στο πλαίσιο της πανδημικής κρίσης της COVID-19 EN

Γραπτές αιτιολογήσεις ψήφου

I agree with the European Commission in saying that the assistance proposed is primarily about maintaining the stability of the entire region, which is particularly important during the crisis, and that solidarity should not be restricted to the borders of the EU. Modern crises cause repercussions across interconnected economies, and for this reason, the program intends to aid businesses and the local population of 10 neighbouring countries, relieving a financial burden in the period entering the recovery and aftermath of the financial crisis.
These measures are to be granted to the countries listed below in the form of favourable loans for 12 months: EUR 180 million for Albania, 250 million for Bosnia and Herzegovina, 150 million for Georgia, 200 million for Jordan, 100 million for Kosovo, 100 million for Moldova, 60 million for Montenegro, 160 million for Northern Macedonia, 600 million for Tunisia and EUR 1.2 billion for Ukraine.

Προσωρινά μέτρα σχετικά με την εκμετάλλευση των αεροπορικών γραμμών EN

Γραπτές αιτιολογήσεις ψήφου

As the pandemic continues to exert unprecedented economic repercussions on the aviation industry across Europe, the threat of a serious liquidity crisis in this sector could lead to bankruptcies in just a few months’ time.
The aviation sector makes an essential contribution to the European economy as a whole and to employment. E.g. in 2016, it supported 9.4 million jobs in the EU and contributed more than €624 billion to the EU’s GDP, as well as the important contribution it makes to SMEs and the tourism industry. Given this, the impact of the pandemic may have wider consequences for the EU economy, as well only on connectivity, trade etc. Declining demand, closed borders and temporary restrictions on air connections have caused the number of flights within the entire European network to drop by more than 90% at the beginning of last month.
The purpose of this Regulation is to temporarily amend several provisions of the aviation legislation in force to mitigate the consequences of the pandemic. Having voted in favour, I am aware of the sector’s contribution to the performance of the EU economy and that it is essential that the EU does everything possible to protect and support it.

Τέλη λιμενικών υποδομών EN

Γραπτές αιτιολογήσεις ψήφου

The outbreak of COVID-19 is having a serious impact on maritime transport and on the financial sustainability of operators. The proposed suspension or deferral of the payment of port infrastructure charges would therefore help ship operators in such exceptional circumstances.
I voted in favour of a new transitional provision. It will provide Member States with the option to allow managing bodies of a port or competent authorities to decide whether to waive, suspend, freeze or put on hold the payment for a certain time period, or alternatively reduce or defer the payment of the port infrastructure charges.
As the duration of the impact on maritime transport of the outbreak of COVID-19 is uncertain and in order to allow for sufficient flexibility for the sector, we are in favour of the new transitional provision that will apply to port infrastructure charges due for the period between 1 March 2020 and 31 December 2020.

Izabela-Helena KLOC
Izabela-Helena KLOC


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