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Αντιπροσωπεία για τις σχέσεις με τη Λευκορωσία 

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Συμφωνία ΕΕ-ΗΠΑ σχετικά με την κατανομή μεριδίου της δασμολογικής ποσόστωσης για τις εισαγωγές βοείου κρέατος υψηλής ποιότητας (σύσταση) (A9-0038/2019 - Bernd Lange) EN  
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Claire FOX  
Claire FOX 


  • RT @katherineaeast: Very exciting news: we are advertising a fully-funded doctoral studentship, in partnership with @litandphil , working on archival material relating to the Society from 1793-1825. Further information here:  Please spread the word! @historyNCL @ClassicsNCL

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  • RT @ASCphiled: Common response from people in Labour held East Ham is 'They (the council) have taken away our car parks. They've taken away our market & now I might as well not vote as they (the govt) won't listen.' Local & national link is intuitively understood. Time to vote @brexitparty_uk

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  • RT @petertelford2: Brexit Party ahead of Labour. This is due to Labours betrayal of Labour voters. Don't waste your vote in a way which only helps Labour. Brexit Party can win here. Tell all your friends. 

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