Anthea McINTYRE : Written explanations of vote 

Members can submit a written explanation of their vote in plenary. Rule 194

Draft amending budget No 4/2019: reduction of commitment and payment appropriations in line with updated needs of expenditure and update of revenue (own resources) (A9-0012/2019 - John Howarth)  

The UK Conservative delegation voted in favour of DAB 4 as it directly impacts the UK abatements for 2015 and 2018, amounting to EUR 710.4 million (GBP 57.7 million) and EUR 408.6million (GBP 365.5 million) respectively. While we would normally abstain on these budget votes as the UK is leaving the EU, given the direct positive financial impact of DAB 4 on the UK taxpayer, we believe that it is imperative to continue to support the principle of a UK abatement for as long as we are members.