Written declarations (up to 16 January 2017) - 8th parliamentary term Peter LIESE

**This instrument no longer exists since 16 January 2017**. A written declaration was an initiative on a matter falling within the EU’s competence. It could be co-signed by Members within a 3 month period.

Written declaration on access to hearing aids

02-12-2015 P8_DCL(2015)0069 Lapsed
Renate SOMMER Peter LIESE Ádám KÓSA Françoise GROSSETÊTE Giovanni LA VIA Dame Glenis WILLMOTT Pavel POC James NICHOLSON Stefan ECK Gesine MEISSNER
Date opened : 02-12-2015
Lapse date : 02-03-2016
Number of signatories : 87 - 03-03-2016