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Delegation to the EU-North Macedonia Joint Parliamentary Committee 
Delegation to the EU-Montenegro Stabilisation and Association Parliamentary Committee 


Committee on Budgetary Control 
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Delegation to the EU-Turkey Joint Parliamentary Committee 

Most recent activities 

Financial assistance to Member States to cover serious financial burden inflicted on them following a UK's withdrawal from the EU without an agreement (A9-0020/2019 - Younous Omarjee)  
Written explanations of vote 
Objection pursuant to Rule 112: partially granting an authorisation for a use of chromium trioxide (Cromomed S.A. and others) (B9-0151/2019)  
Written explanations of vote 
Effects of the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook Group (RC-B9-0118/2019, B9-0118/2019, B9-0119/2019, B9-0120/2019, B9-0121/2019, B9-0122/2019, B9-0124/2019)  
Written explanations of vote