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EU/USA Agreement on the allocation of a share in the tariff rate quota for imports of high-quality beef (recommendation) (A9-0038/2019 - Bernd Lange)  
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Claire FOX  
Claire FOX 


  • RT @andrewdoyle_com: If you smear the working class & elderly as racist & stupid, you’re a bigot. If you see fascism everywhere in one of the most tolerant countries, you’re a fantasist. If you have contempt for democracy, you’re an elitist. Above all, you’re the reason the left continues to lose. 

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  • Me on election results. But it's in Hungarian: 

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  • RT @instofideas: 🎧Still digesting the election?🎧 The AoI team offer some first thoughts on why Labour lost, the SNP's victory in Scotland, and the new voters the Tories have to now engage Ft. @Fox_Claire @Ella_M_Whelan @MaximumCities @Robspiked and @jacobreynolds 

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