Contributions to plenary debates - 6th parliamentary term Arlene McCARTHY

Speeches made during the plenary session and written declarations relating to plenary debates. Rules Rule 204 and 171(11)

Trade in seal products (debate)

04-05-2009 P6_CRE(2009)05-04(21)

Consumer rights (debate)

04-05-2009 P6_CRE(2009)05-04(24)

Explanations of vote

23-04-2009 P6_CRE(2009)04-23(9)

Explanations of vote

23-04-2009 P6_CRE(2009)04-23(9)

Collective redress (debate)

26-03-2009 P6_CRE(2009)03-26(3)

Toys Directive (debate)

15-12-2008 P6_CRE(2008)12-15(16)

Explanations of vote

02-09-2008 P6_CRE(2008)09-02(6)

1 July 2008, 40 years of Customs Union

16-06-2008 P6_CRE(2008)06-16(22)

Consumer credit (debate)

15-01-2008 P6_CRE(2008)01-15(7)

Toy Safety (debate)

10-12-2007 P6_CRE(2007)12-10(19)