Motions for resolutions - 5th parliamentary term Antonios TRAKATELLIS

Members can table an individual motion on issues falling within the EU’s sphere of activity. This motion is forwarded to the responsible committee for consideration.Rule 143

MOTION FOR A RESOLUTION Tabled by Zacharakis Christos, Oostlander Arie M., Trakatellis Antonios, Marinos Ioannis on behalf of the EPP‑ED Group

02-04-2001 B5-0286/2001

MOTION FOR A RESOLUTION on the ship wreck of the Express Samina

02-10-2000 B5-0787/2000

motion for a resolution On fires in southern European Union

04-09-2000 B5-0724/2000

Draft motion for a resolution on Iranian Jews threatened with the death penalty

10-04-2000 B5-0367/2000

Projet de Résolution concernant le séisme catastrophique qui a eu lieu le 7 septembre 1999 à Athènes FR

13-09-1999 B5-0089/1999