Parliamentary questions - 6th parliamentary term Christoph KONRAD

Questions for oral answer with debate may be tabled by a committee, a political group or at least 5% of Parliament’s component Members . The addressees are other EU institutions. The Conference of Presidents decides whether, and in what order, questions are placed on the final draft agenda for a Plenary sitting. Rule 128

Vehicle Block Exemption

04-02-2009 E-0871/2009 Commission

Competition in the German gas market

30-06-2008 E-3878/2008 Commission

EU-wide recognition of low-emission discs

11-06-2008 E-3535/2008 Commission

EU funding for Nokia in Romania

23-01-2008 E-0343/2008 Commission

Deregulation in EU telecommunications policy

30-08-2007 E-4319/2007 Commission

Insufficient support for boys and young men

11-01-2007 E-0127/2007 Commission

Initial outcome of CO2 emissions trading

26-07-2006 E-3619/2006 Commission

Introduction of an EU SOS symbol for emergencies

20-12-2005 E-5002/2005 Commission

EKO-City waste management association

19-09-2005 E-3418/2005 Commission

EKO-City waste management association

01-06-2005 E-1523/2004 Commission