Parliamentary questions - 7th parliamentary term Åsa WESTLUND

Questions for oral answer with debate may be tabled by a committee, a political group or at least 5% of Parliament’s component Members . The addressees are other EU institutions. The Conference of Presidents decides whether, and in what order, questions are placed on the final draft agenda for a Plenary sitting. Rule 128

Environmental benefits of longer lorries

18-03-2014 E-003192/2014 Council

Antibiotics resistance in animals

06-12-2013 E-013924/2013 Commission

VP/HR - Deportation by Israel of EU citizens

28-11-2013 E-013556/2013 Commission

Deportation of EU nationals by Israel

26-11-2013 P-013375/2013 Commission

Refugees from Syria

14-11-2013 E-012952/2013 Commission

Continuing environmental problems in the Baltic Sea

12-11-2013 E-012846/2013 Commission

PFOA in breast milk

06-11-2013 E-012552/2013 Commission

Patient Mobility Directive

06-11-2013 E-012551/2013 Commission

Global chemicals panel

06-11-2013 E-012550/2013 Commission

Ban on bisphenol A in contact with food

14-06-2013 P-006918/2013 Commission

EU monitoring of human rights in Western Sahara

10-06-2013 E-006630/2013 Commission

Banning olive oil in refillable vessels

23-05-2013 E-005805/2013 Commission

UN Resolution 1325

06-05-2013 E-004967/2013 Commission

Developments in Burma

07-03-2013 E-002678/2013 Commission

Discharge of lead from modern taps

28-02-2013 E-002342/2013 Commission