Contributions to plenary debates - 7th parliamentary term Leonidas DONSKIS

Speeches made during the plenary session and written declarations relating to plenary debates. Rules Rule 204 and 171(11)

Caste-based discrimination (debate)

10-10-2013 P7_CRE-REV(2013)10-10(2)

Human rights situation in Kazakhstan

18-04-2013 P7_CRE-REV(2013)04-18(10.2)

Explanations of vote

22-11-2012 P7_CRE(2012)11-22(14)

Annual human rights report (debate)

12-06-2012 P7_CRE(2012)06-12(10)

Explanations of vote

10-05-2012 P7_CRE(2012)05-10(13)

Kazakhstan (debate)

14-03-2012 P7_CRE(2012)03-14(14)

Explanations of vote

01-12-2011 P7_CRE(2011)12-01(7)

Belarus: arrest of Ales Bialatski, human rights defender

15-09-2011 P7_CRE-REV(2011)09-15(11.1)

Belarus (debate)

12-05-2011 P7_CRE(2011)05-12(16.3)