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Group of the European People's Party (Christian Democrats)


Bulgaria - Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (Bulgaria)

Date of birth : , Sofia

Written explanations of vote Eva MAYDELL

Members can submit a written explanation of their vote in plenary. Rule 194

Draft amending budget no 5 to the general budget 2020 Continuation of the support to refugees and host communities in response to the Syria crisis in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey (A9-0127/2020 - Monika Hohlmeier)


. – I supported the report on Draft amending budget No 5/2020 of the European Union for the financial year 2020 - Continuation of the support to refugees and host communities in response to the Syria crisis in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. In the current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is in the EU`s interest to increase support to reinforce the resilience of refugees and local communities that host them.

A comprehensive European approach to energy storage (A9-0130/2020 - Claudia Gamon)


. – Energy storage has a key role to play in the transition towards a carbon-neutral economy. Energy storage solutions have the potential of balancing power grids and saving surplus energy, improving energy efficiency and integrating more renewable energy sources into electricity systems, and helping enhance European energy security. I voted in favour of the report, as it calls on EC to develop a strategy on energy storage based on the technology neutrality approach, with improved cross-border connections and coordination, reduced regulatory burden for market entries, and improved access to capital, skills and raw materials for storage technologies.

Revision of the guidelines for trans-European energy infrastructure (B9-0122/2020)


. – The Union needs up-to-date, high-performance energy infrastructure that is future-proof, cost-efficient and can provide security of energy supply. This would help the EU achieve its climate and energy goals and it would boost smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. That is the reason I voted in favour of this motion for resolution on the revision of the guidelines for trans-European energy infrastructure.

Conclusion of an EU - New Zealand agreement, under negotiation, on the exchange of personal data for fighting serious crime and terrorism (A9-0131/2020 - Annalisa Tardino)


. – I voted in favour of the report, as it considers that cooperation with New Zealand in the field of law enforcement will help the European Union to further protect its security interests, especially in the areas of preventing and combating terrorism, disrupting organised crime and fighting cybercrime. It also insists that the level of data protection provided for in the agreement should be essentially equivalent to the level of protection provided for in EU law, both in law and in practice.

Transitional provisions in order to address the impact of COVID-19 crisis (amendment of Regulation (EU) 2016/1628) (C9-0161/2020)


. – The Regulation on Non Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) sets out new emission limits, which are designed to reduce the current ones, on air pollutants from engines for non-road mobile machinery. Given the structural challenges for manufacturers associated with this shift, the Regulation provides some time to make this transition. The COVID-19 outbreak has caused complete interruptions in the supply of parts and components, leaving manufacturers with stocks of engines and unfinished products thereby causing the risk of not meeting the deadlines. I voted in favour of the request for urgent procedure which aims to extend the finishing dates.

Conduct of clinical trials with and supply of medicinal products for human use containing or consisting of genetically modified organisms intended to treat or prevent coronavirus disease (C9-0185/2020)


. – The purpose of the Union legislation on GMOs is to protect both human health and the environment. However, the specific characteristics of the setting of clinical trials in a situation of a public health emergency such as the one created by the COVID-19 pandemic are not foreseen in Directive 2001/18/EC or Directive 2009/41/EC.
I voted in favour of the report, as I find the temporary exception to the rules for genetically modified organisms (GMOs) as a way to speed up clinical trials of potential COVID-19 vaccines and treatments. Of course, the change of rules must apply only to medical product-related trials and be limited in time

A comprehensive Union policy on preventing money laundering and terrorist financing – Commission's Action plan and other recent developments (B9-0207/2020)


. – I supported this Motion for a resolution, as it believes that NGOs should follow the Financial action task force (FATF) recommendations on preventing terrorism financing activities. It also considers that the Member States must review the adequacy of their laws and regulations concerning entities likely to be abused for terrorist financing purposes, including NGOs.

The EU’s public health strategy post-COVID-19 (RC-B9-0216/2020)


. – I voted in favour of the joint motion for a resolution on the EU’s public health strategy post-COVID-19. It considers that the lessons learnt from the COVID-19 crisis should be addressed as part of the Conference on the Future of Europe, which could come forward with clear proposals on how to bolster EU health policy. Furthermore, it stresses the need to prioritise prevention, which benefits both the health of citizens and national health budgets.

Amending Regulation (EU) No 1303/2013 as regards the resources for the specific allocation for the Youth Employment Initiative (A9-0111/2020 - Younous Omarjee)


. – I supported the increase in the budget for the Youth Employment Initiative (YEI) to €145 million for 2020. The YEI funds apprenticeships, traineeships, job placements and education for young people in regions with high youth unemployment. Especially at this time of crisis, it is more important than ever that we help the next generation of Europeans to get the professional opportunities that they deserve and to fulfil their potential.

International and domestic parental abduction of EU children in Japan (B9-0205/2020)


. – Unlike most countries, Japan does not recognise joint custody after divorce and children often lose contact with the non-custodial parent. This motion for a resolution calls on the Japanese authorities to enforce the courts' decisions on access and visiting rights granted to "left-behind parents' to maintain the meaningful contact with their children who reside in Japan. I supported it, as it reminds the Japanese authorities to respect the obligations and the provisions of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations in order to enable EU state representatives to fulfil their consular duties, especially with a view to the interests of children and rights of their parents, which are EU citizens.