Eva MAYDELL : Written explanations of vote 

Members can submit a written explanation of their vote in plenary. Rule 194

Situation in Venezuela after the illegal election of the new National Assembly Presidency and Bureau (parliamentary coup) (B9-0051/2020, B9-0052/2020, B9-0053/2020, RC-B9-0048/2020, B9-0048/2020, B9-0049/2020, B9-0050/2020)  

. – I voted in favour of this joint motion for resolution as it calls that respecting democratic institutions and principles and upholding the rule of law are essential conditions for finding a peaceful and sustainable solution to the crisis in Venezuela for the benefit of its people. Furthermore, it requests that a fact-finding mission be dispatched to Venezuela in order to assess the situation.

Activities of the European Ombudsman in 2018 (A9-0032/2019 - Peter Jahr)  

. – I voted in favour of the report on the activities of the European Ombudsman as it highlights the importance of transparency and accountability inquiries of the Ombudsman and fully supports the Ombudsman’s commitment to improve the transparency of EU lobbying. I also consider fostering the relations with the national Ombudsmen as essential.

Protocol to the Agreement between the EU, Iceland and Norway concerning the criteria and mechanisms for establishing the State responsible for examining a request for asylum lodged in a Member State or in Iceland or Norway regarding the access to Eurodac for law enforcement purposes (A9-0053/2019 - Jadwiga Wiśniewska)  

. – The Eurodac central database is an important resource in combating serious crimes and terrorism. The extension of the law enforcement provisions of the Regulation (EU) No. 603/2013 to Iceland and Norway would enable the law enforcement authorities of Iceland and Norway to request a comparison of fingerprint data against the data entered by other participating States and stored in the Eurodac database. Owing to that reason, I voted in favour of this recommendation.

EU-China Agreement on certain aspects of air services (A9-0041/2019 - Tomasz Piotr Poręba)  

. – This recommendation suggests that the TRAN Committee should give a favorable recommendation on the conclusion of the Agreement between the European Union and the Government of the People’s Republic of China on certain aspects of air services. I supported the opinion of the rapporteur, having regard to the fact that during consultations, the Industry underlined the importance of a sound legal basis for their commercial operations.

Common system of value added tax as regards the special scheme for small enterprises (A9-0055/2019 - Inese Vaidere)  

. – According to me, small and medium enterprises are the backbone of the European economy and the driver of its global competitiveness.
SMEs face proportionately higher VAT compliance costs than larger businesses. The proposed reform of the VAT rules will reduce the administrative burden and compliance costs for SMEs. Due to this proposal, the Cross-border trading activities by SMEs within the EU are expected to increase by 13.5 %. We should work for a more helpful environment for business, so I voted in favour of this report.

Implementing and monitoring the provisions on citizens’ rights in the Withdrawal Agreement (B9-0031/2020)  

. – The Withdrawal agreement declares that the further relationship between United Kingdom and European Union will work in the interests of citizens of the both sides, now and in the future. I consider this agreement as a clear political signal that, in the post-Brexit framework, the rights of EU citizens living in the UK are extremely important to us, so I supported this motion for a resolution.

Annual report 2018 on the human rights and democracy in the world and the European Union's policy on the matter (A9-0051/2019 - Isabel Wiseler-Lima)  

. – The EU should continue to strive to be the leading global actor in the universal promotion and protection of human rights. The annual report is following the principle that human rights are universal and inalienable, indivisible, interdependent and interrelated.
Through its thoroughness and objectivity, the report highlights all of the important issues and tasks on the matter of human rights and democracy and that is why I voted in favour of it.

Annual report on the implementation of the common foreign and security policy (A9-0054/2019 - David McAllister)  

. – I supported the report as it underlines that conflict prevention and mediation activities help to assert the presence and credibility of the EU on the international stage. I fully agree that such a holistic approach that combines security, diplomacy, and development would deliver a high degree of EU added value in political, social, economic and security terms.

Annual report on the implementation of the common security and defence policy (A9-0052/2019 - Arnaud Danjean)  

. – Unfortunately, the EU faces a lasting deterioration of its security environment and henceforth multiple challenges as armed conflicts, fragile states, population displacements, jihadist terrorism, and cyber attacks. I voted in favor of this report, as it presents our strengths and weaknesses as a Union in the context of the security environment. The report highlights that Europe’s strategic autonomy is a legitimate and necessary ambition and that it must remain a priority objective of the Common Foreign and Security Policy and European defense policy. The key for this strategic autonomy becomes a reality is to increase the Member states capabilities.

European Parliament's position on the Conference on the Future of Europe (B9-0036/2020, B9-0037/2020, B9-0038/2020)  

. – I voted in favour of this report because it stresses that citizen involvement, organized civil society and a range of stakeholders at European, national, regional and local levels should be a key element of this innovative and original process. It also underlines that the Conference should seek ways of involving EU candidate countries in discussions on the future of Europe. As I said during the plenary debate, we should ask our citizens what Europe they envisage, and we should do it sincerely, honestly, and truthfully. If we say that we need to hear from them, then we must be ready to listen and also to implement. It has been the biggest direct democracy exercise of Europe for the last decade, and we cannot initiate it with a prepared vision for the end and final results.