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Diane JAMES : Kirjalikud selgitused hääletuse kohta - Kaheksanda koosseisu ametiaeg 

Parlamendiliikmed võivad anda täiskogu hääletuse kohta kirjalikke selgitusi. Kodukorra artikkel 194

Liidu kosmoseprogrammi ja Euroopa Liidu Kosmoseprogrammi Ameti loomine (A8-0405/2018 - Massimiliano Salini) EN  

I voted against. I could not support an increase in a finance budget for EU space policy which will require additional contributions from the UK to the detriment of UK investment in this area.

Digitaalse Euroopa programmi kehtestamine ajavahemikuks 2021–2027 (A8-0408/2018 - Angelika Mlinar) EN  

I voted against. I do not support the budget implications for the UK of the EU’s digital programme.

Teatavate digiteenuste osutamisest saadud tuludelt võetava digiteenuste maksu ühine süsteem (A8-0428/2018 - Paul Tang) EN  

I voted against. I do not support any extension of EU Commission’s role in tax matters.

Märkimisväärse digitaalse kohalolu äriühingu tulumaksuga maksustamine (A8-0426/2018 - Dariusz Rosati) EN  

I voted against. I do not support any role or extension of the EU Commission’s activities in tax raising matters.

Plokiahel ja tulevikule orienteeritud kaubanduspoliitika (A8-0407/2018 - Emma McClarkin) EN  

I abstained on this vote. The policy takes no account of different data protection regimes in terms of blockchain data storage.
Well-intentioned but not yet a final policy that I could support.

Euroopa Ombudsmani 2017. aasta tegevus (A8-0411/2018 - Eleonora Evi) EN  

I supported this report. It contained many criticisms of EU policy not least the appointment of Selmayr by Mr Juncker which completely ignored acceptable process and procedure.
The report also highlights yet again the lack of transparency by and within the EU regarding important decisions.

2017. aastal toimunud petitsioonikomisjoni arutelud (A8-0404/2018 - Cecilia Wikström) EN  

I abstained. The report provided a good record but little if any recommendations or actions. Had these been included I could have been persuaded to vote in support.

Paranduseelarve projekt nr 6/2018: maksete ja kulukohustuste assigneeringute vähendamine (omavahendid) (A8-0399/2018 - Siegfried Mureşan) EN  

I voted to support. This allows for a small reduction in the UK’s contribution to a reduced EU budget. Two attractive components.

Paindlikkusinstrumendi kasutuselevõtmine praeguste rände-, pagulas- ja julgeolekuprobleemide lahendamiseks võetavate kiireloomuliste meetmete rahastamiseks eelarvest (A8-0455/2018 - Daniele Viotti) EN  

I voted against.
I oppose the principle of the uses of financial instruments that operate outside of normal budgetary limits and also oppose any increase in EU spending without necessary justification.

ELi Solidaarsusfondi kasutuselevõtmine, et võimaldada ettemaksete tegemist liidu 2019. aasta üldeelarvest (A8-0453/2018 - Lefteris Christoforou) EN  

I voted against.
The EU avoids providing expenditure justification. Supporting advanced payments, without any form of checks or reasoning, cannot be supported.

ELi ja Jaapani vaheline majanduspartnerlusleping (A8-0366/2018 - Pedro Silva Pereira) EN  

I voted against. Too much has been conducted in secret and the ISDN mechanism issues have not been resolved.

ELi ja Jaapani vaheline majanduspartnerlusleping (resolutsioon) (A8-0367/2018 - Pedro Silva Pereira) EN  

I voted against.
The ISDS aspect is still to be negotiated.
Given the uncertainty around this, I could not yet support this.

ELi ja Jaapani vaheline strateegilise partnerluse leping (resolutsioon) (A8-0385/2018 - Alojz Peterle) EN  

I voted against
The agreement has not factored in environment, ecology aspects to my satisfaction particularly Japan’s whaling hunts

„Euroopa horisondi“ rakendamise programm (A8-0410/2018 - Christian Ehler) EN  

I voted against. I oppose the financial implications of the EU’s Horizon project. The UK’s contribution is significant, yet the UK does not see sufficient financial return to our academic centres of excellence

Ühtse turu pakett (RC-B8-0557/2018, B8-0557/2018, B8-0558/2018, B8-0559/2018, B8-0560/2018) EN  

I voted against. The Single Market does not have my support and this calls for more harmonisation and integration.

Terrorismi käsitleva erikomisjoni tähelepanekud ja soovitused (A8-0374/2018 - Monika Hohlmeier, Helga Stevens) EN  

I voted against. Dealing with terrorism and country security is a national government responsibility. EU policies in other areas have led to increased terrorism outrages across many Member States. This report ignores key aspects and thus its effectiveness in driving change is severely impacted.

Ühise välis- ja julgeolekupoliitika rakendamise aastaaruanne (A8-0392/2018 - David McAllister) EN  

I voted against. I do not support the EU’s FSCP and this report is too pro its activities to the detriment of objectivity

Aastaaruanne inimõiguste ja demokraatia kohta maailmas 2017. aastal ja Euroopa Liidu poliitika kohta selles valdkonnas (A8-0373/2018 - Petras Auštrevičius) EN  

I voted against. The EU says one thing condemning human rights abuses and then contradicts itself with trade, energy and defence policies. Thus this window dressing of EU performance in this area is not acceptable.

Euroopa Kaitsefondi loomine (A8-0412/2018 - Zdzisław Krasnodębski) EN  

I voted against. I do not support any form of supranational EU fund, particularly in the area of defence. Defence is a national govt responsibility.

Euroopa ühendamise rahastu loomine (A8-0409/2018 - Henna Virkkunen, Marian-Jean Marinescu, Pavel Telička) EN  

. ‒ I voted against. This report highlights the military mobility dimension within the CEF. The report provided me with insufficient justification and evaluation to facilitate support.