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Miriam DALLI Miriam DALLI
Miriam DALLI

Klub zastupnika Progresivnog saveza socijalista i demokrata u Europskom parlamentu


Malta - Partit Laburista (Malta)

Datum rođenja : , St. Julian's

Obrazloženja glasovanja (napisan.) Miriam DALLI

Zastupnici mogu podnijeti pisana obrazloženja glasovanja na plenarnoj sjednici. Članak 194. Poslovnika

Bankovna unija – godišnje izvješće za 2019. (A9-0026/2020 - Pedro Marques) EN


I voted in favour of the completion of the Banking Union however such work must not come at cost of the financial and economic stability of small member states like Malta. I believe that appropriate assessments and considerations should be thoroughly undertaken so as to ensure that solutions for further progress on the Banking Union does not come at the cost of the stability of smaller Member States.

Smjernice za proračun za 2021. - dio III. (A9-0110/2020 - Pierre Larrouturou) EN


I voted in favour of this report which points out the importance of having the 2021 budget focusing on the mitigation of effects of the COVID-19 outbreak and to support the recovery, built on the European Green Deal and digital transformation.

Istočno partnerstvo uoči sastanka na vrhu u lipnju 2020. (A9-0112/2020 - Petras Auštrevičius) EN


I voted in favour of this report which acknowledges the reform efforts by partner countries and recommends further steps to be taken in order to deepen the cooperation within the Eastern Partnership.

Zapadni Balkan, nakon sastanka na vrhu 2020. (A9-0091/2020 - Tonino Picula) EN


This report allows for accession talks with Albania and North Macedonia and calls on the EU to grant visa liberalisation to Kosovo and to engage with Western Balkan countries’ representatives in Joint EU initiatives. I voted in favour of this report because it calls for renewed commitment to common objectives within the Eastern Partnership.

Turizam i promet u 2020. i nadalje (RC-B9-0166/2020, B9-0166/2020, B9-0175/2020, B9-0177/2020, B9-0178/2020, B9-0180/2020, B9-0182/2020, B9-0184/2020) EN


The aim of this report is to highlight the severe consequences that the COVID-19 crisis has had on
the tourism and travel sector and to discuss measures to support the sector in the months and years to come. The
sector is a major economic player in the EU economy, directly and indirectly employing 27 million people in Europe. I voted in favour of this report because we must make sure that countries like Malta that are heavily dependent on these 2 sectors are given the necessary assistance to get back on their feet.

Administrativna suradnja u području oporezivanja: produljenje određenih rokova zbog pandemije bolesti COVID-19 (C9-0134/2020) EN


I voted in favour of this report which outlines a deferral of certain deadlines for the filing and exchanging of information under administrative cooperation in the field of taxation. These requests for deferral pertain to automatic exchanges of information on financial accounts of which the beneficiaries are tax resident in another Member State.

Prosvjedi protiv rasizma nakon smrti Georgea Floyda (B9-0194/2020, B9-0195/2020, B9-0196/2020, B9-0197/2020) EN


I voted in favour of this report which strongly condemns racism and discrimination and calls for swift action to be taken to address police brutality where it occurs.

Zakon Narodne Republike Kine o nacionalnoj sigurnosti za Hong Kong i potrebi za tim da EU brani visok stupanj autonomije Hong Konga (RC-B9-0169/2020, B9-0169/2020, B9-0171/2020, B9-0173/2020, B9-0174/2020, B9-0176/2020, B9-0181/2020, B9-0193/2020) EN


Following the introduction of a new national security law for Hong Kong, limiting the freedom and autonomy of Hong Kong and its citizens’, this report seeks to encourage the EU to use its leverage to address this situation. I voted in favour of this report because we must protect the civil rights, political rights and press freedom of citizens.

Situacija u schengenskom području nakon izbijanja bolesti COVID-19 (B9-0165/2020) EN


Several EU member states have reintroduced internal border controls or have closed such borders, to certain types of travellers, including EU citizens and their families. I voted in favour of this report which highlights the importance of enhancing mutual trust between Member States and to ensure that the Union’s legislative tools provide for a truly European governance of the Schengen area, which would allow for an effective European coordinated response to challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Europska zaštita prekograničnih i sezonskih radnika u kontekstu krize uzrokovane bolešću COVID-19 (B9-0172/2020) EN


I voted in favour of this report which insists on the implementation of measures to ensure that cross-border and seasonal workers are afforded adequate protection from COVID-19 and its effects, including easy access to testing, whilst ensuring that their rights are protected.