A szavazáshoz fűzött írásbeli indokolások - 9. parlamenti ciklus Antony HOOK

A képviselők írásbeli indokolást nyújthatnak be a plenáris ülésen leadott szavazatukhoz. 194. cikk

Kutatás-mentés a Földközi-tengeren (B9-0130/2019, B9-0131/2019, B9-0132/2019, B9-0154/2019) EN


I voted in favour of the resolution on search and rescue in the Mediterranean, because I am convinced that we must save lives, instead of pushing migrants into the hands of smugglers or denying them a safe harbour.
We need an urgent reform of the migration policy to avoid deaths at sea, be it in the Mediterranean or in the English Channel. The example of the Libyan route is striking. It was five times deadlier in 2018 than in 2015 due to a reduction in search and rescue activities off the Libyan coast. In 2019 so far, this route counts 646 deaths. I regret that a number of UK members (from Brexit Party) voted against the resolution, which as a result could not be adopted, and we missed an opportunity to support Member States in their migration, integration and relocation policies.
Despite that, I will continue to work for the establishment of safe and legal migration channels, stronger cooperation in rescue activities and guaranteeing safe and timely disembarkation for those in need.