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Izabela-Helena KLOC Izabela-Helena KLOC
Izabela-Helena KLOC

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Commissione per l'industria, la ricerca e l'energia
Delegazione all'Assemblea parlamentare paritetica ACP-UE

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Commissione per lo sviluppo regionale
Delegazione per le relazioni con i paesi del Sud-Est asiatico e l'Associazione delle nazioni del Sud-Est asiatico (ASEAN)

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Migrazione dall'Algeria e repressione delle minoranze religiose

15-07-2020 E-004214/2020 Commissione
Interrogazioni scritte

Orientamenti per le politiche degli Stati membri a favore dell'occupazione (A9-0124/2020 - José Gusmão) EN

Dichiarazioni di voto scritte

The Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union provides that Member States are to regard their economic policies and promoting employment as a matter of common concern and shall coordinate their action within the Council.
The guidelines for the employment policies of the Member States, as proposed in the current Commission proposal, have been amended to align the text integrating the Annual Sustainable Growth Strategy (ASGS), and in particular the environmental sustainability part, reflecting the Stronger Social Europe for Just Transitions narrative and integrating the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
The revised employment guidelines, which I have supported, include boosting the demand for labour, enhancing labour supply and improving access to employment, skills and competences, enhancing the functioning of labour markets and the effectiveness of social dialogue and promoting equal opportunities for all, fostering social inclusion and fighting poverty.

Disposizioni transitorie al fine di far fronte agli effetti della crisi della COVID-19 (modifica del regolamento (UE) 2016/1628) (C9-0161/2020) EN

Dichiarazioni di voto scritte

Regulation 2016/1628 sets new emission limits for non-road mobile machinery. This covers a wide range of machinery, including gardening and handheld equipment, construction, agricultural and farming machinery, railcars, etc.
The EC claims that the COVID-19 outbreak has caused significant interruptions in the supply of parts and components, leaving manufacturers with stocks of engines and unfinished products. The consequence of this disruption is that many engine and machinery manufacturers will not meet the deadlines set without sustaining serious economic damage.
In light of this, the amending proposal advises postponing, by twelve months, the dates for producing and placing on the market of NRMM and tractors fitted with transition engines. I voted in favour of the amending regulation as I deem the 12-month extension period to be necessary given the seasonality of the NRMM.

Izabela-Helena KLOC
Izabela-Helena KLOC


Unijne debaty na temat klimatu coraz częściej zaczynają przypominać absurdalne dialogi z książki „Paragraf 22”. Polska nie dostanie pieniędzy, bo nie chce przeprowadzić transformacji energetycznej. Ale jak ma to zrobić skoro nie ma… pieniędzy. 

Im mniej pieniędzy dostaniemy na transformację energetyczną, tym później osiągniemy Zielony Ład. 

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