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Pisemne wyjaśnienia dotyczące sposobu głosowania Yana TOOM

Posłowie mogą przedkładać pisemne wyjaśnienie na temat stanowiska zajętego w głosowaniu na posiedzeniu plenarnym. Art. 194 Regulaminu

Absolutorium za rok 2018: budżet ogólny UE – Parlament Europejski (A9-0021/2020 - Maria Grapini) EN


The monthly move to Strasbourg by the European Parliament is very costly. I believe that the European Parliament needs a single seat, in order to cut down expenditure as well as limit the pollution which results from that travel.

Sprawozdanie roczne z działalności Europejskiego Rzecznika Praw Obywatelskich za rok 2018 (A9-0032/2019 - Peter Jahr) EN


The Ombudsman has done important work in 2018, which was reflected in this Report. Now is also the time to look to the future and see what the next steps are. For us in the PETI Committee, it will be important to establish clear rules on the Ombudsman elections, in order to avoid unfair practices. From the Ombudsman, I would like to see an inquiry into the practices of the Commission on how infringement complaints are dealt with. I am looking forward to our cooperation on this matter.

Europejski Zielony Ład (RC-B9-0040/2020, B9-0040/2020, B9-0041/2020, B9-0042/2020, B9-0043/2020, B9-0044/2020, B9-0045/2020, B9-0046/2020) EN


Dealing with climate change has been proven to be an important challenge, particularly for young people and future generations. While I support the Green Deal, I believe that it is important that measures are taken to soften the blow to regions which are heavily dependent on fossil fuels. Climate action should be balanced with proper transitional measures in order to prevent serious economic and social harm.

Sprawozdanie roczne z realizacji wspólnej polityki zagranicznej i bezpieczeństwa (A9-0054/2019 - David McAllister) EN


The Report drew attention to important points regarding the common foreign and security policy, such as the call for a stronger, united, effective, proactive and more strategic European Union. However, I have abstained on the final vote as the approach towards cooperation with Russia was unbalanced.

Sprawozdanie roczne z realizacji wspólnej polityki bezpieczeństwa i obrony (A9-0052/2019 - Arnaud Danjean) EN


I strongly support the message that the EU should develop a proper common defence policy. I have abstained from the final vote due the disproportional approach of defence policy towards Russia.

Stanowisko Parlamentu Europejskiego dotyczące konferencji w sprawie przyszłości Europy (B9-0036/2020, B9-0037/2020, B9-0038/2020) EN


The European Union is ready for change. Just as the Convention on the Future of the European Union before has brought about much needed reform, I hope that the Conference will be at least as successful. The biggest difference this time, is the participation of citizens and civil society which is crucial for any meaningful reforms.

Sprzeciw na podstawie art. 112 Regulaminu: substancje czynne, w tym dimoksystrobina i mankozeb (B9-0230/2019) EN


I have supported the objection as the Commission has not respected the precautionary principle regarding the active substances.

Dyskryminacja i mowa nienawiści kierowana przeciwko osobom LGBTI w sferze publicznej, w tym „strefy wolne od LGBTI” (B9-0234/2019) EN


It is unacceptable that discrimination is happening in this form and scale in certain Member States. Member States should follow their obligations of protecting the fundamental rights of every person and tackle the issues, in particular when it happens within their own institutions. I have supported the resolution.

Sprawiedliwe opodatkowanie w zglobalizowanej gospodarce cyfrowej – BEPS 2.0 (B9-0238/2019) EN


Indeed the digitalisation of the economy has brought about several challenges, but I believe that these challenges should be addressed on a global scale. I strongly believe that an EU unilateral taxation model for digital services would not sufficiently address the current issues and therefore voted against the resolution.

Inicjatywa UE na rzecz owadów zapylających (B9-0233/2019) EN


The EU agricultural sector is heavily reliant on pollinators. As 76% of the food production is dependent on pollination, it is crucial to protect the insects. I have welcomed and supported the resolution.