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Alfred SANT Alfred SANT
Alfred SANT

Grupo da Aliança Progressista dos Socialistas e Democratas no Parlamento Europeu


Malta - Partit Laburista (Malta)

Data de nascimento : , Sliema

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Comissão dos Assuntos Económicos e Monetários
Comissão das Petições
Delegação para as Relações com os Estados Unidos

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Estado da União (debate de atualidade) (continuação do debate) EN

16-09-2020 P9_CRE-PROV(2020)09-16(3-109-0000)
Contributos para os debates em sessão plenária

Projeto de decisão do Conselho relativa ao sistema de recursos próprios da União Europeia (A9-0146/2020 - José Manuel Fernandes, Valerie Hayer) EN

Declarações de voto escritas

Clearly, in the current economic situation and as it expands its policy horizons, the European Union needs lots more money to spend.
A revision of the EU’s current system of own resources is therefore inevitable.
Proposals reflecting EU objectives acknowledged by all, such as the plastic levy agreed upon at Council level, are extremely fit for purpose.
Nevertheless, other proposals in the text on which we voted have been advanced with a regrettable disregard for the damage they would inflict on the economy of individual Member States.
A case in point: the proposals calling for Union-wide introduction of tax measures that target very specific sectors of the economy, such as the Financial Transaction Tax and the Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base.
The problem is that mostly, the smaller to smallest Member States are affected. Were it otherwise, and the interests of the larger states were involved, the approach would be much more cautious.
The questions as to whether own resources is the best response to the EU’s crying need for more funds to carry out its mission, and as to how new own resources should be identified, merit an urgent revisit.
For this reason, I voted against the Resolution.

Alfred SANT
Alfred SANT


It’s getting noticed in many workplaces that with remote meetings only, the work done formerly is still proceeding. The face off between direct person-to-person encounters and remote meeting will last a while. Who’s going to win it in the long term, is not clear. 

Fed up with Covid19 has become the flavour of the day, or months? Is it the right moment for populists to ride on anxiety as a strategy to destabilise governments? That seems to be the calculation in Italy. But it’s a dangerous strategy which could backfire in unpredictable ways.