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Alfred SANT Alfred SANT
Alfred SANT

Grupo da Aliança Progressista dos Socialistas e Democratas no Parlamento Europeu


Malta - Partit Laburista (Malta)

Data de nascimento : , Sliema

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20-02-2020 E-001053/2020 Comissão
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Celebração do Acordo de Comércio Livre UE-Vietname (Resolução) (A9-0017/2020 - Geert Bourgeois) EN

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I have voted in favour of the EU-Vietnam free trade agreement as it is of strategic importance to both parties. I took note of the arguments that the implementation of the agreement should be made conditional on human rights reforms in Vietnam. I acknowledge that there are grounds for genuine concern about the respect of human rights in that country. However, I doubt that trade and investment agreements between developed and developing countries (or unions of countries) provide the right context or tools for the promotion of human rights in developing territories. The exception to this would be labour rights, since trade and investment exchanges cannot be established around production processes that rely on exploitation of workers to achieve economic gain. But it is not clear that extending this condition to the full range of human rights does achieve the aims set for it. Indeed, it is more likely in my view to affect negatively the living standards of low-income families in developing countries, with marginal impact on the ruling elites. Even so, the EU should make a discussion of human rights part of the joint conversation when the implementation of the agreement is being scrutinised.

Alfred SANT
Alfred SANT


Measures to control Covid-19 could be having impacts on mental health of many people. Stress, fear, feelings of uncertainty. How to deal with these effects should increasingly become an essential part of what is being carried out extremely well to contain the pandemic in Malta.

Getting increasingly convinced that the #Schengen arrangement needs to cover common policies and measures regarding public health systems in the different member states. In a way it would be a step towards a single market in the health sector.

So many cultural events had to be slashed. Could they not have been filmed & performed where feasible, under conditions of social distancing, put online or on TV, courtesy of special grants from the Arts Council? Obviously this would have to apply for small scale performances.




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