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Grupo da Aliança Progressista dos Socialistas e Democratas no Parlamento Europeu


Polónia - Sojusz Lewicy Demokratycznej (Polónia)

Data de nascimento : , Łódź

Página inicial Marek BELKA


Comissão dos Assuntos Económicos e Monetários
Delegação para as Relações com os Estados Unidos

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Comissão do Comércio Internacional
Delegação para as Relações com os Países da América Central

Últimas atividades

PARECER sobre a proposta de regulamento do Parlamento Europeu e Conselho que institui o Fundo para uma Transição Justa

26-06-2020 ECON_AD(2020)650729 PE650.729v03-00 ECON
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Henrike HAHN

Uma rede de segurança para proteger os beneficiários dos programas da UE: criação de um plano de contingência para o QFP (A9-0099/2020 - Jan Olbrycht, Margarida Marques) EN

Declarações de voto escritas

I fully support the resolution we have voted on. Obviously, it should have been broader in scope but achieving wide support in the European Parliament was more important. This compromise shows the Council and the Commission that we will not only be passive by-standers in the process of re-focusing, re-developing and re-inventing of the European Union.
At the same time, in the Council a similar compromise has to be found. Distinctions between the North and South, East and West, eurozone and non-eurozone countries should be put aside. We are all in this together - this virus does not know borders. Hence, the recovery plan must be available to all Member States of the EU and the Parliament must be involved.
Secondly, knowing that we need an ambitious, revised MFF, we also need a reform of the EU own resources system to finance our pledges. Here all countries - including my own- have to walk the talk that they preach: we need the digital services tax, CCCTB, financial services tax and the carbon border adjustment mechanism. They will strengthen the EU, our internal level playing field and the external competitiveness. The time is now!