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Alfred SANT Alfred SANT
Alfred SANT

Skupina naprednega zavezništva socialistov in demokratov v Evropskem parlamentu


Malta - Partit Laburista (Malta)

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Ugotovitev očitnega tveganja hujše kršitve načela pravne države v Republiki Poljski EN

Pisne obrazložitve glasovanja

I have abstained on the final vote and on all the main separate votes on this resolution regarding the situation in Poland.
This in no way means that I approve or condone any measures in any state, including Poland, that prove to be breaches of the rule or law and of fundamental rights, by way of hostility to gay rights, withdrawal from the European treaty aimed at preventing violence towards women and the undermining of judicial independence. Far from it.
I voted in this manner to remain consistent with my position regarding reports on the rule of law and similar issues prepared by this House.
In my view, the European Parliament lacks the “objective” tools by which to assess breaches of the rule of law and related issues.
Its preliminary positions, assessments and final resolutions are conditioned right through by the pressures of political bargaining and manoeuvering between governments, political groups and assorted factions.
If this House considers it has the right to report and judge on critical situations in member states and elsewhere, then it must do so through an objective quasi-judicial process, that will not depend on political calculation.
Otherwise the judgement of this Parliament can only become devalued and in the end, discredited.

Razmere v Belorusiji EN

Pisne obrazložitve glasovanja

Events following the Belarusian presidential elections of the 9th August have left the country destabilised.
Though I am personally averse to this Parliament pronouncing itself on the affairs of outside countries, there come moments when solidarity with the struggle for democracy and against dictatorship overrrides all other considerations.
Belarus' political system has now reached an unacceptable level of state repression aimed to reinforce a totalitarian government.
I must vote for a Resolution that condemns this state of affairs.
Nevertheless, doubts remain on major elements of the text as presented.
Requests for direct intervention by the EU can easily boomerang.
Similarly, statements indicating the recognition of a Belarusian political leader as president-elect seem premature and politically motivated.
A process of national reconciliation and democratisation has to come first.
The EP cannot condemn Russian interference in Belarusian affairs, while inviting Union actors to do the same.
A real risk is that Belarus becomes yet another theater for confrontation between the EU’s soft power and Russia’s real politik.
So, while not taking part in the main separate votes on this Report, I voted in favour of the final text, as a gesture of solidarity with the Belarusian people in their fight for liberty.

Razmere v Rusiji in zastrupitev Alekseja Navalnega EN

Pisne obrazložitve glasovanja

In past resolutions on Russia before this House, I always sought to take a prudent abstentionist
I believed that they were based on premises that were too rigidly euro-centric and not sufficiently mindful of Russia’s legitimate geo-political interests and aspirations.
This did not mean that I endorsed the increasingly authoritarian approach of the Putin administration.
Though the Skripal case and the spying and interference in the political processes of Western countries raised serious concerns, I remained cautious when this House denounced them because similar transgressions have been committed by our friends and allies.
However the Navalny poisoning has been a step way too far.
It negates the essence of democratic politics, which allows full space and protection to political critics and opponents. It takes us back to the days of the Borgias.
Clearly, only a state agency could have organized the poisoning on territory which is under the full control of the Russian state.
To show full solidarity with Mr Navalny, I voted in favour of this resolution.
However, as I am still unconvinced by this House’s overall approach towards Russia, I did not participate on all the other ancillary votes that led to the final text.

Alfred SANT
Alfred SANT

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#PART3 Come to think of it, there could be many apparently disparate interests that might relish an outcome that would keep the whole case in judicial limbo. It’s not the first time this has happened in wonderful Malta. #END

#PART2 On the other hand they could be also meant to slow things down as much as possible, to create distrust among prosecutors & police & to eventually bolster the claim that no fair trial can ever be undertaken since procedures were vitiated by timed leaks & doctored facts.

Is there a deep conspiracy to eventually stymie the criminal investigations in the murder of Mrs Caruana Galizia? The leaks to the media by some deep throat of judicial&criminal investigative steps taken ostensibly were to create greater transparency about what is going on #PART1