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Latvija - Nacionālā apvienība "Visu Latvijai!"-"Tēvzemei un Brīvībai/LNNK" (Latvija)

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Odbor za kulturo in izobraževanje


Delegacija za odnose z Avstralijo in Novo Zelandijo


Odbor za okolje, javno zdravje in varnost hrane
Delegacija pri parlamentarnem partnerskem odboru EU-Armenija, pri odboru za parlamentarno sodelovanje EU-Azerbajdžan ter pri pridružitvenem parlamentarnem odboru EU-Gruzija
Delegacija pri parlamentarni skupščini Euronest

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MNENJE o evropskem semestru za usklajevanje ekonomskih politik: vidiki zaposlovanja in socialni vidiki v letnem pregledu trajnostne rasti za leto 2020

19-02-2020 CULT_AD(2020)646848 PE646.848v02-00 CULT
Mnenja v vlogi poročevalca v senci

Univerzalni polnilnik za mobilno radijsko opremo (RC-B9-0070/2020, B9-0070/2020, B9-0072/2020, B9-0074/2020, B9-0075/2020, B9-0076/2020, B9-0085/2020) EN

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. ‒ I abstained in the vote on the common charger for mobile radio equipment. Whilst I support the resolution’s call for a reduction in electronic waste and in theory I agree that a common charger would be convenient, we must also be pragmatic. We must be careful not to stifle innovation or to limit consumer choice. The current de facto standards for chargers emerged through market forces and fierce competition, not through regulation. By enforcing a common charger, we risk letting down our consumers who, in the near future, may not be able reap the benefits of the latest technological progress.
Furthermore, we will not be reducing waste if, as Parliament calls for, the Commission sets one charger standard immediately, thus rendering all other existing chargers obsolete (and in effect contributing to increased waste in the short term). Nor is waste reduced if we constantly change the ‘common’ charger, therefore also effectively forcing users to constantly upgrade their accessories. Understanding the above, I remain reserved about the initiative for a common charger and cannot support Parliament’s resolution.

Konferenca pogodbenic Konvencije o biološki raznovrstnosti (COP 15) (Kunming 2020) (B9-0035/2020) EN

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I abstained for the resolution on the 15th meeting of the Conference of Parties (COP15) to the Convention on Biological Diversity. Yet, I agree that there are significant environmental challenges that we are already facing now, both at the regional and national level within the EU on the hand as well as globally. We must remember that biodiversity is paramount if we want to ensure effective food production, healthy environment as well as sustainable development. In order to meet the biodiversity objectives, the EU needs to allocate appropriate and sufficient financing. That is why nature protection needs to be among the key priorities within the context of the European Green Deal while measures relating to climate proofing need to be part of the next multi-annual financial framework. However, I could not support the report in its entirety because we must refrain from blanket bans of techniques that are helping to put food on our tables already now. Similarly, we do need research of promising technologies that can offer viable solutions for the future.




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