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Carmen AVRAM Carmen AVRAM
Carmen AVRAM

Skupina naprednega zavezništva socialistov in demokratov v Evropskem parlamentu


Romunija - Partidul Social Democrat (Romunija)

Datum rojstva : , Viseu de Sus

Domov Carmen AVRAM


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Skupna kmetijska politika – podpora za strateške načrte, ki jih pripravijo države članice in se financirajo iz EKJS in EKSRP (A8-0200/2019 - Peter Jahr) EN

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The largest of the three Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) files, the “Strategic Plans” Regulation lays the foundation for the future reform and it is crucial to be adopted in the plenary.
The divergent views of the political groups made it very difficult to have solid compromises. However, SD reached a deal on crucial aspects such as: eco-schemes, investments devoted to climate and environmental practices from the second pillar and Good Agricultural and Environmental Conditions. I support all compromises and I believe they help the CAP get closer to the Green Deal objectives.
SD achieved remarkable results advocating a new social conditionality - which I strongly support - an issue which came once again into focus during the COVID-19 pandemic.
For my country, I will also support amendments on external convergence and transitional national aid as they help close an uncompetitive gap between EU farmers.
On the capping amendments, as long as Article 15 was not re-opened for discussions at the beginning of this legislature, I consider them against any democratic principle to be obliged to vote on this issue, since it has never been discussed in this legislature at all and I will consequently support the COMAGRI 2019 compromise.

Skupna kmetijska politika: financiranje, upravljanje in spremljanje (A8-0199/2019 - Ulrike Müller) EN

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The Horizontal Regulation, one of the three Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) files, safeguards the commonality of this policy.
The New Delivery Model proposed by the European Commission distances from the old approach - one size fits all - and looks up to performance based reform. While Member States are allowed to tailor the strategies which best fit their agricultural reality and needs, the Horizontal Regulation, through its system of checks-and-balances, holds Member States responsible for the successful implementation of the Strategic Plans.
One of the SD achievements in this file was the introduction of the new social conditionality - no room anymore for abusive working conditions in the sector.
However, the compromises the SD agreed upon with other political groups, which I strongly support, links eligibility with conformity, through annual reports, biennial performance reviews, on the spot checks and, if necessary, financial corrections for those Member States falling behind the expectations.
I support all the compromises and I believe this is more than just a CAP file, it is a firm call for the Member States to assume their responsibility for the new years to come.

Krčenje gozdov (A9-0179/2020 - Delara Burkhardt) EN

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As a shadow rapporteur for the EU Forest Strategy, which has been adopted in the plenary in the first October session, I know how important is to coordinate globally our fight against illegal logging. And this resolution sends this message when it comes to the world's forests as well. One major achievement is that the text recalls the due diligence criteria's of the EU timber Regulation.
The text repeats its demand that imports of timber and timber products should be more thoroughly checked at Union borders to ensure that imported products do indeed comply with the criteria for entry into the Union. The resolution calls on a timely and effective implementation of the Union customs Code UCC and reinforced capacities of national customs authorities to ensure better harmonization and implementation of the UCC.