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Irska - Green Party (Irska)

Datum rojstva : , Waterford

Pisne obrazložitve glasovanja Grace O'SULLIVAN

Poslanci lahko na plenarnem zasedanju predložijo pisno obrazložitev svojega glasovanja. Člen 194

Posebni ukrepi za mobilizacijo naložb v zdravstvenih sistemih držav članic in v drugih sektorjih njihovih gospodarstev v odziv na izbruh COVID-19 (Naložbena pobuda v odziv na koronavirus) EN


People are suffering and consumed with worry. Internationally, containment and isolation measures will have positive results in terms of flattening the curve on the spread of Covid-19, but we must continue with these measures and be prepared for tough times ahead of us.
The actions already underway need to be matched with a mobilisation of investment in healthcare systems throughout the European Union.
Compassion should, of course, be at the heart of all decisions we take. The most vulnerable should be prioritised. We’ve witnessed the suffering of refugees on the Greek borders. Behind closed doors people are suffering too. I am particularly concerned at the plight of asylum seekers and others living in large group residences, where we are hearing of wholly inadequate responses in terms of social distancing and self-isolation.
These are unsettling times and we’re witnessing a new world being born in tragic circumstances, but we must give European citizens hope and confidence in our ability as parliamentarians to act in their best interests with dedication and kindness.