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Född : , Vilnius

Skriftliga förklaringar Petras AUŠTREVIČIUS

Ledamöterna kan lämna in skriftliga förklaringar till hur de röstat i plenum. Artikel 194

Särskilda åtgärder för att mildra effekterna av covid-19-utbrottet inom fiskeri- och vattenbrukssektorn EN


I support the proposed amendments as a way to provide relief for European fishery and aquaculture sector workers over losses incurred due to the COVID-19 outbreak. I particularly welcome the approach to streamline a part of the support for boosting storage capacities and in this manner preventing the food waste.

Medicintekniska produkter (C9-0098/2020) EN


The COVID-19 pandemic reminded us how important it is to have quality medical services and taught a lifesaving lesson about the stockpiling of medical supplies and equipment. The Regulation (EU) 2017/745 was issued to ensure the smooth functioning of the internal market as regards medical devices. It also sets high standards of quality and safety for medical devices. Since its entrance into force coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic, I support the postponement of its implementation by one year. At the moment, our priority is to take care of the infected and to develop a cure.

En samordnad EU-insats mot covid-19-pandemin och dess konsekvenser EN


With this resolution, which I wholeheartedly support, the European Parliament provides its input to the European response to the COVID-19 crisis. Most importantly, it reaffirms our European values and reminds us that fundamental human rights and freedoms must be adhered to in all steps of the fight against COVID-19 and its consequences. The resolution rightly notes mistakes made at the beginning of the pandemic and calls for a united and decisive action.
The utmost priority is to meet the needs of the healthcare sector. A massive recovery and reconstruction package for investment, including recovery bonds guaranteed by the EU budget, is requested from the European Commission in order to alleviate the economic consequences. The ambitions of the European Green Deal and the digital transformation, as well as the importance of reducing Europe’s dependence on third countries for medical products, have to be taken into account. Citizens and their rights must always come first, and any mobile applications created to monitor people movement and exposure to COVID-19 have to ensure their personal privacy.
Another welcome aspect is the importance of strategic communication on the actions taken by the EU to address the COVID-19 crisis. The crisis is also an opportunity to strengthen the European Union.

Förordning om ändring av den fleråriga budgetramen för 2014–2020 EN


Since the amendment is to remove limitations and to enable reallocation of funds for the Emergency Support Instrument to be used to help the EU Member States to tackle the consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak, I am in full support of it. I particularly welcome the solidarity-based approach and efforts to improve the EU preparation for similar crisis in the future by strengthening capacities of the Union Civil Protection Mechanism/rescEU to stock such crucial supplies as medicines, personal protective gear and medical equipment.

Falska och äkta handlingar online (FADO-systemet) (A9-0022/2019 - Roberta Metsola) EN


Given the gravity of detection of false documents for the EU Member States, citizens, organisations and businesses, I welcome the report on False and Authentic Documents Online (FADO) system. I express my strong support towards maintaining a high level of security within Schengen area, as well as fighting against document fraud at its external borders.

EU:s prioriteringar för det 64:e mötet i FN:s kvinnokommission (B9-0093/2020, B9-0095/2020) EN


I am of a position that prevailing stereotypes, offenses and discrimination on women’s rights, among which are the gender pay and pension gaps, unrecognised contribution to our society via unpaid care and domestic work, not to speak about prevalence of the so-called glass ceiling at work and still unbalanced women participation in a decision-making processes, must be addressed and eliminated worldwide. I applaud the mission of the UN Commission on the Status of Women to promote gender equality and to empower women, and call for a substantial support and contribution from the EU and its Member States side.

Ingående av frihandelsavtalet mellan EU och Vietnam (A9-0003/2020 - Geert Bourgeois) EN


I am of the position that the free trade agreement between the EU and Vietnam will not only leverage our economic relations, but also create a benchmark for the whole ASEAN region and, simultaneously, strengthen our cooperation to ensure that human rights are upheld. Therefore, I voted in favour of this recommendation in order to make the numerous opportunities for both the EU and Vietnam a reality.

Avtal om investeringsskydd mellan EU och Vietnam (A9-0002/2020 - Geert Bourgeois) EN


Given the significance of safeguarding investment and creating a favourable investment climate in the region, I see this agreement as a way to promote sustainable development and to comply with the detailed commitments on human and labour rights roadmaps made by the Vietnamese Government. I support this recommendation since it would facilitate EU-Vietnam cooperation under more predictable, equitable and sustainable terms.

En EU-strategi för ett slut på kvinnlig könsstympning runtom i världen (B9-0090/2020, B9-0092/2020) EN


Given the scale of the female genital mutilation issue, I am of the opinion that it constitutes a gross and systematic violation of human rights. It is a form of violence against women and girls and a manifestation of gender inequality, an issue affecting at least 200 million women and girls in 30 countries, according to statistical reports from UNICEF, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the WHO. Thus, I voted in favour of the motions for resolutions in question.

Automatiserat beslutsfattande: att säkerställa konsumentskydd och fri rörlighet för varor och tjänster (B9-0094/2020) EN


. ‒ In light of the rapid pace of digital technological advances and the infinite development of artificial intelligence, I welcome the potential of automated decision-making processes since it will enable to ensure high-quality service delivery and make a significant contribution to the knowledge economy.