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Lucy ANDERSON : Skriftliga förklaringar - 8:e valperioden 

Ledamöterna kan lämna in skriftliga förklaringar till hur de röstat i plenum. Artikel 194

En europeisk pelare för sociala rättigheter (A8-0391/2016 - Maria João Rodrigues) EN  

. ‒ Across Europe, millions of people are facing the terrible impact of poverty pay, increased job insecurity and cuts to essential public services. This impact has been especially negative overall for black workers, migrants and women. In some countries, such as the UK, the unemployed and disabled have suffered particular hardship and restrictions of benefits. Average unsecured debt in the UK has hit a recent high of well over a quarter of household income. The European Union must act now decisively to address this situation or risk alienating still more of our population.
This European Parliament resolution sets out in detail some of the measures that are necessary to create a fairer labour market and state support systems through a European pillar of social rights. These must include legislation, governance mechanisms and financial instruments. And an absolute priority should be effective regulation to promote quality work and prevent bogus self-employment through online platforms and otherwise, together with large-scale investment in housing, health, transport and childcare for the long-term good of all and not carried out for private profit.