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Tilly METZ

Gruppen De gröna/Europeiska fria alliansen


Luxemburg - Déi Gréng - Les Verts (Luxemburg)

Född : , Luxembourg

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Delegationen för förbindelserna med länderna i Centralamerika


Utskottet för miljö, folkhälsa och livsmedelssäkerhet
Utskottet för transport och turism
Delegationen till den parlamentariska församlingen EU-Latinamerika


Utskottet för jordbruk och landsbygdens utveckling

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Fördelning av ankomst- och avgångstider vid gemenskapens flygplatser: gemensamma regler EN

Skriftliga förklaringar

. – The Covid-19 outbreak has dramatically decreased the passenger demand on air travel, causing airlines to fly empty planes, so called ‘ghost flights’, in order to use the required 80 percent of the slots at the airports to be able to keep the same number of slots the following year. Flying empty planes makes no sense and it has a great environmental and economic cost. Therefore, I voted in favour of the proposal to amend the Regulation (EC) No 95/93 on common rules for the allocation of slots at Community airports. This emergency proposal changes the Regulation temporarily so that slots allocated for the period from 1 March 2020 until 24 October 2020 shall be considered as having been operated by the air carrier to which they had initially been allocated. When this crisis is over we need a more comprehensive reform of the slot allocation regulation to avoid the absurd situation with ghost planes in the future and to start align the aviation sector with the European Green Deal and the climate objectives of the Paris agreement.

Särskilda åtgärder för att mobilisera investeringar i medlemsstaternas hälso- och sjukvårdssystem samt i andra sektorer av deras ekonomier som reaktion på covid-19-utbrottet [Investeringsinitiativ mot coronaeffekter] EN

Skriftliga förklaringar

. – I voted in favour of the Commission’s proposal to establish a Coronavirus Response Investment Initiative (CRII). Covid-19 is putting a strain the Member States’ health systems and has severe societal and economic consequences. The CRII will allow for around EUR 8 billion of already distributed EU funds, which would have otherwise remained unused and returned to the EU budget, to be invested by Member States, which will in turn trigger the release and use of around EUR 29 billion of cohesion policy spending across the EU.
I am glad the expenditure will focus on health investment such as hospital equipment and inhalators; on the support of SMEs and on short-term employment schemes. The proposal might not be perfect, but it is a good solution to quickly provide access to resources and financial relief for our health care system and economy. However, once this crisis is overcome, we need to learn from the lessons it is teaching us: We need to turn our back to austerity and improve and invest in our health care systems. And we need a properly established EU competence for health-related matters and especially the management of public health emergencies.





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