The EU is taking many measures to tackle the coronavirus pandemic and its impact. Check out our timeline for a clear picture by theme.

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Find out how MEPs want to address harmful or illegal content online while protecting freedom of expression ➡️… https://t.co/XXl62xNFRD

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Migration: a common challenge 


Migration challenge: how has the EU been dealing with the arrival of asylum seekers and migrants to Europe? Find out about the European Parliament’s work on migration, asylum and borders.

How European democracy works in times of pandemic        

EU affairs 

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced Parliament to limit physical meetings and function remotely, but MEPs continue to approve urgent measures and work on long-term priorities.

Brexit concept image: flags of UK and EU combined over a photo of London        

EU affairs 

The UK leaving the EU is not the end of cooperation. Talks are ongoing to determine how the two will work together on everything from trade to transport and combatting crime.

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