Final vote on next year’s EU budget 

Parliament is set to approve a deal on the 2020 EU budget on Wednesday, boosting investment in climate action, research, infrastructure and the young.

For the last annual EU budget of the 2014-2020 long-term financial framework, MEPs have secured an additional €850 million in the Commission’s draft budget for the Parliament’s priorities: climate (over €500 million added), innovation, research and development and youth.

For a detailed breakdown and reactions to the deal agreed by Parliament and Council on 18 November, read the Parliament’s, the Commission’s and the Council’s press releases.

Around 93% of the EU’s budget goes to citizens, regions, cities, farmers, researchers, students, NGOs and businesses.

The overall level of commitment appropriations in the 2020 budget is set at €168.688 billion, and the overall level of payment appropriations €153.6 billion. Payments refer to what is to be concretely spent in the year of the budget, i.e. 2020. Commitments, on the other hand, are the whole amount that can be spent over several years for a given project or programme.

Procedure: budgetary


Debate: Tuesday, 26 November

Vote: Wednesday, 27 November