Media Accreditation 


Journalists, photographers and audiovisual teams who are not holders of joint EU institutional accreditation, need to apply for media accreditation or a special recording permit in order to work in the European Parliament.

There are two types of accreditation granted to journalists by the European Parliament:

  • Short-term accreditation
  • Annual accreditation

All journalists who are granted access to Parliament's buildings can use the facilities provided for journalists.

Short term accreditation

Short-term accreditation runs from one day up to the end of the week.

If you are a journalist coming to Brussels, Strasbourg or Luxembourg for a specific meeting, event or plenary session, you can obtain short-term accreditation. You can apply for it using the following link to register and create a personal account. Successful registration will be confirmed by an e-mail to the provided address from Once the account has been validated, you may proceed with your request by logging onto the website.

To complete your profile, you will need to provide:

  • an ID sized photo, i.e. portrait, aspect ratio 3X4, jpeg format and +/- 100 KB.
  • official ID number and expiration date
  • a copy of your press card or a letter from your Editor-in-Chief

Once your request has been validated, your badge will be available at the Media accreditation office (see below). It can be collected only upon presentation of a valid proof of identity.

Annual Accreditation

Journalists who report regularly on EP affairs and/or are based in Strasbourg/Brussels or Luxembourg can qualify for annual accreditation to the European Parliament. The accreditation is valid in all three seats of Parliament (Strasbourg, Brussels and Luxembourg).

Before applying, please read the rules. An annual accreditation request must be submitted for approval via the electronic registration website here.

Recording permit for media

Journalists, press photographers and cameramen are obliged to have a recording permit to film and take photographs in the European Parliament. The recording permit is issued at the media accreditation desk and can also be requested beforehand from Journalists must adhere to and sign the rules for filming and taking photographs in the Parliament.

Non-media recording permit

Photographers and camera operators, who are invited by MEPs or by Parliament services (hereby known as the ‘requesting authority’) for special events, communication and promotional work should hold a ‘non-media’ recording permit. The requesting authority and/or the photographer/camera operator shall request the permit 24 hours in advance from This permit does not give access to the European Parliament premises - the requesting authority has to apply for normal visitor access. The requesting authority is responsible for supervising the recordings and ensuring the rules for recordings by non-media representatives are adhered to.

Media accreditation offices: opening hours

Brussels: Media accreditation office, Press and Visitor’s entrance, Paul-Henri Spaak building, PHS -1C029, Rue Wiertz.

Monday-Thursday 08:30 -17 :45; Friday 08:30-13.00

Strasbourg (plenary session only): press entrance, Louise Weiss (LOW) building. This is the first entrance on the left inside the central courtyard (Bronisław Geremek Agora).

Monday: 12:00 - 20:00

Tuesday-Wednesday: 08:00- 20:00

Thursday: 08:00 - close of plenary session

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