Sassoli on Hong Kong: Authorities must respect rights and international commitments 


Statement to European Parliament plenary by President Sassoli on the situation in Hong Kong

“As you know, the new national security law came into force in Hong Kong last week. The situation is becoming increasingly dramatic and each passing day brings news of further incarcerations, arrests, and violence. There is no longer freedom of assembly or speech, and even books have been removed from libraries and schools. These are extremely disturbing developments that concern us deeply.

“I greatly admire the courage and determination of the citizens of Hong Kong, many of whom are risking their personal freedom in defence of an open, free, and democratic society. What was once a democratic reality where the rule of law, fundamental freedoms, and a high degree of autonomy were part of everyday life, now risks being lost forever.

“As parliamentarians, we must show solidarity and take a stand against the erosion of freedom and the growing authoritarianism we are witnessing. I believe that I express the sentiment of all my colleagues in urging the relevant authorities to respect international commitments and fundamental freedoms.”