Sassoli: The fall of the Berlin Wall has made us better and stronger 


Speaking ahead of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, European Parliament President David Sassoli said:

“The fall of the Berlin Wall is the founding episode of contemporary Europe and has made us better and stronger. Thirty years ago, Europe was reunited and reconciled, physically but also politically, around the ideas of democracy and freedom. It is an event we look back on with joy, it offered to us and future generations the chance to face global challenges together based on our common values and belief in human dignity.
"Since that day Europe has become stronger in tackling the many challenges it faces. The fall of the wall represented the end of a nightmare for millions of Europeans, who were marginalised, punished, or even killed in their search for justice and desire for freedom.
"Today, we must not forget that lesson. We must remember the youth of Berlin and have the same courage to continue to break down walls and prejudices, defeat nationalism, and work for a Europe based on solidarity."