DG for External Policies of the Union 


Directorate General for External Policies of the Union  


The Directorate-General for External Policies of the Union is responsible for organising the work of Parliament's committees and interparliamentary delegations in the field of external – that is, beyond the EU – policies.

  • ensuring that Parliamentary committees in the fields of foreign affairs, human rights, security and defence, development and international trade run smoothly;
  • supporting the work of interparliamentary delegations and regional multilateral assemblies;
  • providing professional assistance and advice to the Chairs of these bodies as they exercise their duties;
  • planning, organising and following up on European Parliament election observation missions, including by providing assistance to the Election Coordination Group;
  • assisting a range of working groups, ad hoc delegations and other bodies;
  • providing expertise in foreign relations to parliamentary bodies and Parliament's President;
  • facilitating initiatives for dialogue with and support for new and emerging democracies;
  • cooperating closely with the European Commission, the Council and the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy / Vice-President of the European Commission.


  • Pietro  DUCCI 

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Directorate for Committees 

  • Alexandre  STUTZMANN 

    • Director
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Directorate for Regions 


    • Director (acting)
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Directorate for Resources 

  • Bernard  HELLOT 

    • Director
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Directorate for Democracy Support 

  • Pietro  DUCCI 

    • Director
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