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Brexit and the EP: what does it mean for free movement? - 03/05/2017

Wednesday, 3 May 2017 at Europe House, London

Free movement of people is one of the EU's four freedoms and the status of EU nationals in the UK and of Britons on The Continent after Brexit is the subject of intense debate.

What are the legal and political dynamics at play here and how are they likely to affect the economy? What, for example, might an end to free movement mean for the Government's fiscal policies and the provision of public goods? What is the optimum deal for the NHS, social care, construction, catering and agriculture? Could leaving the EU affect the residency choices UK citizens are able to make in future?

Shortly after the Article 50 process for withdrawal has set in motion, join us at Europe House to hear  our panel of politicians and experts discuss a question on which everyone has an opinion.


Hashtag for the events: #EPonBrexit



John PEET, Political Editor, The Economist




Ambassador Dan MULHALL, Ambassador of Ireland to Great Britain


Vicky FORD MEP, Conservative Party Member of the European Parliament


Alex BARKER, Brussels bureau chief, Financial Times


Dr Heather ROLFE, Associate Research Director, NIESR


The European Parliament and Brexit

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