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Europe's summer of elections: Explaining political dynamics in France, Britain and Germany - London, 22/06/2017


In a special seminar organised by the European Parliament Information Office in the UK (in association with Nuffield College, Oxford), a panel of leading academic experts and commentators shared their analysis of the outcome of the elections in France, UK (and upcoming elections in Germany) and the implications of the vote for the future of European politics.



Sir Andrew Dilnot, Warden of Nuffield College, Oxford.

17:15 - 18:15
Panel discussion:
Natalie Nougayrede, columnist, leader writer and foreign affairs commentator for the Guardian. Previously executive editor and managing editor of Le Monde;
Professor Jane Green, Professor of Political Science, University of Manchester; Co-director, 2015 British Election Study; former student, Nuffield College;
Professor Geoff Evans, Fellow of Nuffield College and Professor in the Sociology of Politics, Oxford University; Co-director, 2015 British Election Study;
Professor Vernon Bogdanor, Research Professor, Institute for Contemporary British History, King's College, London; former Professor of Government, Oxford University; Former student, Nuffield College;
Félix Krawatzek, British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Oxford’s Department of Politics and International Relations; Research Fellow at Nuffield College; former student, Nuffield College (DPhil, 2011). His research interests lie in different aspects of European politics.

Bill Emmott,  Former editor of The Economist; Honorary Fellow, Magdalen College, Oxford; Former student, Nuffield College.

18:15 - 19:00
Interventions from the floor and responses from the panellists.



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