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Vasko Lipovac Exhibition


This exhibition has been organised by the Embassy of Croatia to mark its Presidency of the EU Council.


“Vasko Lipovac, sculptor and painter, was born in Kotor in 1931, and died in Split in 2006. During the whole course of his active life he carried within himself the images of the native landscape of Boka Kotorska and the rich cultural heritage of his home town, while his education in Zagreb, in the early fifties of the last century, provided him with an access to the essential experiences of modernism and figurative autonomy (especially thanks to his teacher of sculpture, Kosta Angeli Radovani). So in his work, apart from the early abstract phase, he tried to affirm the contemporary anthropomorphic and associative sculpture and figurative painting, succeeding in evoking the figures and ambiances of recognizably Mediterranean descent. He attained a great deal of deserved popularity with the wider public and an equally high degree of valorisation with the professional critics, as an artist of plastic credibility, cleanliness and reduction to the essential, together with frequent humorously melancholic or ironically nostalgic notes. Neither pathetic nor prone to monumentality, he still created a few memorable monuments (to Drazen Petrovich to Marko Marulic and Miljenko Smoje), but his important contribution to modern Croatian sculpture lies above all in the cycles dedicated to sailors and young girls, lovers and, especially, athletes.”

“Vasko Lipovac had around 100 solo exhibitions and over 200 group, juried, problem, conceptual, and important invitational exhibitions in Croatia as well as abroad. In addition, he received over twenty awards and honours for his sculptures, paintings, graphics illustrations and public monuments.” - Tonko Maroević