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Grupul Alianței Progresiste a Socialiștilor si Democraților din Parlamentul European


România - Partidul Social Democrat (România)

Data nașterii : , Viseu de Sus

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Orientări pentru politicile de ocupare a forței de muncă ale statelor membre (A9-0124/2020 - José Gusmão) EN

Explicații scrise ale votului

I support this resolution.
It is the EU and Member States duty to continue developing a coordinated strategy for employment and particularly for promoting a skilled, trained and adaptable workforce, as well as labour markets that are responsive to economic change, with a view to achieving the objectives of full employment and social progress, balanced growth and a high level of protection and improvement of the quality of the environment.
Digital transformation and the venue of more and more artificial intelligence is a challenge and opportunity for societies but we need to train and reskill our European workforce for future jobs. In order to avoid leaving people behind, we must make sure people will receive trainings. This is also the duty of European Institutions.

Încheierea unui acord, în curs de negociere, între Uniunea Europeană și Noua Zeelandă privind schimbul de date cu caracter personal pentru combaterea criminalității grave și a terorismului (A9-0131/2020 - Annalisa Tardino) EN

Explicații scrise ale votului

I support this agreement.
We must support and increase the cooperation with New Zealand in the field of law enforcement. This will help the European Union to further protect its security interests, especially in the areas of preventing and combating terrorism, disrupting organised crime and fighting cybercrime; encourages the Commission to expeditiously launch negotiations with New Zealand on the exchange of personal data between Europol and the New Zealand authorities competent for fighting serious crime and terrorism.
Moreover, the agreement contain a clear and precise provision setting out the retention period for personal data that have been transferred to New Zealand and requiring the data to be erased at the end of that period.

O politică amplă a Uniunii în materie de prevenire a spălării banilor și a finanțării terorismului - planul de acțiune al Comisiei și alte evoluții recente (B9-0207/2020) EN

Explicații scrise ale votului

I support this resolution.
According to the commission around 1%, 160 billion of the European Union annual GDP is involved in suspect financial activity such as money laundering connected to corruption among other things.
That’s a lot of money that could be used in a better way and help our societies recover from this crisis.
We are aware of the problems identified in combatting money laundering were fragmentation of rules, uneven supervision and limitations in the cooperation among financial intelligence units across the EU Member States. Better cooperation needed among tax agencies for example.
We know what we have to do to improve the situation.
The resolution welcomes the EC action plan launched in May:
We should increase pressure to implement all 6 pillars of the EU action plan for a comprehensive Union policy on preventing money laundering and terrorism financing.
THE EC was committed to deliver all of the 6 actions by early 2021.
Let me finish and add that as a former career journalist, I very much welcome paragraph 39 of the resolution calling member states to fully investigate in a transparent manner cases of money laid and related crime against whistleblowers and journalists. In particular the resolution also refers to the Maltese journalist Caruana Galizia and the Panama papers revelations.