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27-05-2020 - 08:50 BUDG

The Committee on Budgets will vote on the guidelines for 2021 EU budget on 27 May. The report stresses the need to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and support Member States' recovery, building on the European Green Deal. The Committee will also vote on the mobilisation of the EU Solidarity Fund for Portugal, Spain, Italy and Austria (EUR 279 million), to partially reimburse costs incurred in the emergency and recovery operations following extreme weather damages in autumn 2019.

European Semester presentation
27-05-2020 - 08:50 ECON EMPL

The Committees on Economic and Monetary Affairs and on Employment and Social Affairs will hold an Economic Dialogue on the country-specific recommendations of the 2020 European Semester, on 27 May. The debate will take place with European Commission Executive Vice-President Dombrovskis, Commissioner Gentiloni, and Commissioner Schmit. This year’s Semester will also be used for coordinating economic and social policies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting EU recovery.

27-05-2020 - 08:49 ENVI ECON

The Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety will look into the reports on a framework for achieving climate neutrality, and on shortage of medicines, on 28 May. The new Farm to Fork Strategy and the revamped Health Programme will be discussed with Health and Food Safety Commissioner Kyriakides. The recommendation on a framework to facilitate sustainable investment will be voted on jointly with the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs, on the same day.

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27-05-2020 - 08:49 TRAN

The Commission’s new tourism and transport package of guidelines and recommendations will be discussed by the Committee on Transport and Tourism on 28 May. The aim is to help Member States gradually lift travel restrictions and allow businesses to reopen after months of lockdown, while respecting necessary health precautions. The package also aims at helping the EU tourism sector recover from the pandemic by supporting businesses and ensuring that Europe continues to be a leading destination.

Dr Michael J Ryan from World Health Organization
27-05-2020 - 08:49 DEVE

The Committee on Development will discuss the challenges and impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the international humanitarian and development response with Michael Ryan, Executive Director of the World Health Organization's Health Emergencies Programme. The debate will take place on 29 May, following the adoption of the WHO resolution on the COVID-19 response.

European Investment Bank
27-05-2020 - 08:48 CONT

The Budgetary Control Committee will vote on the 2018 annual report regarding the control of the financial activities of the European Investment Bank. In his draft report, rapporteur Bas Eickhout addresses the role of the EIB in financing the European Green Deal, the upcoming shift of the EIB to become the EU Climate Bank, the future focus on Just Transition, and the EIB's activities carried out under its external lending mandate. The meeting will take place on 28-29 May.

Registo Público dos Documentos

O sítio Web "Registo Público de Documentos" do Parlamento Europeu contém referências a documentos elaborados ou recebidos por esta instituição a partir de 3 de dezembro de 2001

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Processo legislativo ordinário

O processo legislativo ordinário constitui, por excelência, o processo de decisão utilizado para adotar legislação da União Europeia.

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Registo interinstitucional de atos delegados

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A Avaliação das Opções Científicas e Tecnológicas para o Parlamento Europeu

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Fichas técnicas da UE

The Fact Sheets provide an overview of European integration and of the European Parliament's contribution to that process.

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